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29 Vegetarian Keto Recipes for Plant-Based Eaters

Pan-Roasted Portobello Egg Toast

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With just 8 grams of carbs, this skillet-made vegetarian keto recipe leaves enough wiggle room within your daily allowance for a slightly higher-starch lunch and dinner. Sauté the mushroom cap "toasts" first, then sear the tomatoes, crisp the garlic, and fry the eggs. Stack and serve for a fresh take on the breakfast toasts trend. (Need more keto-friendly options? Add these high-fat foods to your shopping list.)

Get the recipe: Pan-Roasted Portobello Egg Toast

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Mediterranean Roasted Cabbage Steaks with Basil Pesto and Feta

mediterranean diet recipe for roasted cabbage steaks bowl

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Vegetarian keto recipes that taste like pizza? Yes, please! This one has basil pesto, two types of cheeses, a handful of chopped artichokes, and plenty of tomatoes to make this meal a Mediterranean diet delight.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Roasted Cabbage Steaks with Basil Pesto and Feta

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Low-Carb Vegan Coconut Lime Noodles with Chili Tamari Tofu

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Yes, you can have noodles and stay in ketosis. (You can have low-carb drinks, too.) The secret: Opting for smart swaps like zoodles or shirataki noodles. The latter, made from a Japanese yam called konjac, is the base of this keto diet vegetarian recipe that gets even more Asian flair from sesame, ginger, tamari, and tofu.

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Vegan Coconut Lime Noodles with Chili Tamari Tofu

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Eggs In Avocado Boat

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#PutAnEggOnIt is a common healthy eating trick, but for this vegetarian keto recipe, you'll crack one—into an avocado. Once you top with chopped walnuts and some balsamic vinegar, you might not even notice there's no toast at the bottom of this creamy and satisfying dish.

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Curried Cauliflower Rice Kale Soup

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This vegetarian keto recipe sure looks like it's loaded with wild rice, but surprise: That's actually roasted cauliflower rice with spices. Broth, nut milk, and oodles of veggies are all you need to stir together the rest of this rich meal. (Note: A common keto tip is to avoid ingredients that are grown in the soil rather than above it, but as far as net carbs go, carrots are among the lightest of the underground veggies.)

Get the recipe: Curried Cauliflower Rice Kale Soup

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Crustless Spinach Cheese Pie

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Vegetarian keto recipes don't come much easier than this savory pie. Make this frittata look-alike your own by customizing with your favorite cheese, spices, and veggie mix-ins.

Get the recipe: Crustless Spinach Cheese Pie

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Low-Carb Eggplant Lasagna

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Sort of like a mash-up of eggplant Parmesan and lasagna, this layered casserole features eggplant "noodles," tomato sauce, and stacks on stacks of cheese. (Turns out that melty cheese could actually prevent weight gain and protect your heart.) Opt for a no-sugar-added marinara or make your own to keep the carb count to a totally reasonable 10 grams per serving.

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Eggplant Lasagna

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The Best Keto Pancakes

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The just-right ratio of four keto ingredients gives these crêpe-like pancakes their keto-approved macronutrient balance of 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbs. Stock up on zero-carb protein powder, then blend up this flapjack batter anytime you're in need of a recipe that's flippin' easy. (Psst, these are the best protein pancakes you'll ever make.)

Get the recipe: The Best Keto Pancakes

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Healthy Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

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A magical sauce made with hoisin, tamari, ginger, and other Asian ingredients make these mushroom and tofu lettuce wraps an almost exact replica of one of the most popular appetizers at P.F. Chang's. What's more, you can enjoy leftovers of this vegetarian keto recipe stirred into scrambled eggs or spooned over easy cauliflower rice.

Get the recipe: Healthy Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

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Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza

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Cook the cheesy cauliflower crust for this Instagram-ready pizza at 500° F to get it golden brown and crispy, then add a rainbow spectrum of meatless keto toppings. Pop the pie back in the oven for another 15 minutes, and prepare to dig in for more than a day's worth of vitamin C and just 13 grams of carbs per slice.

Get the recipe: Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza

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Garlic "Gnocchi"

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Instead of potatoes, this knockoff gnocchi is made with low-moisture mozzarella cheese and egg yolks for a vegetarian keto recipe with only 4 grams of carbs per cup. Toss with pesto, browned butter, or low-sugar marinara to cure your fiercest Italian cravings.

Get the recipe: Garlic "Gnocchi"

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Low-Carb Cauliflower Mac and Cheese with Keto Cheese Sauce

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The store-bought blue box of macaroni and cheese may be off-limits for you while following a keto diet, but not this "mock" mac. A keto MVP, cauliflower is roasted and then coated in a three-ingredient cheddar cheese sauce for a recipe anyone will love. (Post-keto you may want to try this high-protein, vegan pumpkin mac and cheese recipe.)

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Cauliflower Mac and Cheese with Keto Cheese Sauce

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Creamy Mustard Green and Spinach Soup

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One key to following a keto diet without feeling deprived: Layering your recipes with herbs, spices, and other low-carb elements. This creamy green soup calls for not one, not two, but five spices—plus onions and ginger—to pack each spoonful with warmth and soulful Indian flavors.

Get the recipe: Creamy Mustard Green and Spinach Soup

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Low-Carb Taco Shells with Spinach

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Vegetarian keto diet recipes can help you build muscles, too! Take these taco shells, for example. Just squeeze out the water from the boiled spinach, combine with eggs, ground almonds, and cheese, then stuff with your favorite meat-free fillings.

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Taco Shells with Spinach

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Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

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If the smells that waft from your favorite bakery have made you swear off ever going keto, we've found the solution. These salted chocolate chip cookies with crisp edges and gooey centers can help you reach ketosis and still satisfy your craving for a decadent baked good.

Get the recipe: Bakery-Style Salted Chocolate-Chip Cookies

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Gorgonzola

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Cauliflower is a must-have on the keto grocery list. Yes, Brussels sprouts are slightly higher in carbs, but if you keep portions in check, you can make them work for your keto diet, too. They're high in vitamins C and K and taste incredible when cooked just right. This recipe enhances them with a crunch from pecans and a kick from gorgonzola. 

Get the recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Gorgonzola

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Mini Eggplant Parmesan Breakfast Pizzas

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You probably wouldn't normally feast on eggplant parm or pizza for breakfast, but these mini pizza bites can spice up your a.m. ritual. You'll slice up an eggplant, top with an eggy mixture of pizza fixings, and roast to perfection. (Check out these 10 interesting ways to cook with eggplant.)

Get the recipe: Mini Eggplant Parmesan Breakfast Pizzas

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Keto Buttermilk Pancakes

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The dairy-free batter in this keto pancake recipe uses coconut milk and coconut vinegar in place of buttermilk, but they're no less fluffy for the trade-off. These pancakes clock in at 8 grams of carbs per serving, so you're less likely to head into a carb coma after finding your way through a full stack. 

Get the recipe: Keto Buttermilk Pancakes


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Molten Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

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There are few things in life more satisfying than poking a molten chocolate cake and watching a warm, gooey filling seep out. Eating keto-friendly foods means sticking to guidelines, but by the looks of this chocolate peanut butter lava cake, you'll still feel like you're indulging.

Get the recipe: Molten Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

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Cranberry Walnut Coffee Cake

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This cranberry coffee cake manages a crumbly topping without any grains. The recipe is low-maintenance since the ingredients are combined in a blender, and you'll love its macros count. Each slice has 375 calories, 31 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein. (Discover recipes for gluten-free cakes everyone you know will love.) 

Get the recipe: Cranberry Walnut Coffee Cake

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Cheesy Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Casserole

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This casserole with layers of roasted spaghetti squash, cheese, and Italian seasonings will impress any pasta lover, whether or not they follow a keto diet. Make this any time you have a hankering for ravioli or pizza, but want a less carby option.

Get the recipe: Cheesy Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Casserole

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Low-Carb Protein Keto Brownies

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Whether you follow a low-carb, high-fat diet or just want a healthier dessert, this recipe fits the bill with 5.7 grams of carbs per serving and no refined sugar. Whip up a batch of these fudgy brownies to enjoy as a dessert or even a decadent snack. (Related: High-Protein Dessert Recipes Made with Protein Powder)

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Protein Keto Brownies

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Keto Salted Chocolate Macadamia Nut Fat Bombs

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If salty-sweet desserts are your jam, check out these macadamia nut fat bombs. They're an easy way to keep up with eating enough fat while enjoying some chocolate. (Because, ICYDK, treating yourself is the secret to a healthy diet.)

Get the recipe: Keto Salted Chocolate Macadamia Nut Fat Bombs

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Low-Carb Falafel with Tahini Sauce

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Instead of carb-heavy chickpeas (45 grams in a cooked cup), this falafel is made with a 2:1 ratio of cauliflower and almonds. As soon as you coat the patties in coconut flour, fry in olive oil or grapeseed oil, and slather in garlicky tahini, you may even be convinced this vegetarian keto recipe is the real deal.

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Falafel with Tahini Sauce

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Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Porridge

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PSL-lovers take note: Eating this breakfast pudding is basically like downing a bowl of warm, creamy pumpkin pie. Just try to name a better way to spend a chilly weekend morning.

Get the recipe: Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Porridge

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Easy Keto Egg Salad

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Avocado, mayo, and egg make this creamy lunchtime salad high in fat, so it's super-filling. And since the only cooking that's required is for hard-boiling the eggs, you can categorize this vegetarian keto recipe as hella easy.

Get the recipe: Easy Keto Egg Salad

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Low-Carb Margherita Pizza with Portobello Mushroom Crust

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Vegetarian keto recipes make a convincing case that mushrooms can be mealtime magicians. In this low-carb pizza, a broiled portobello is the crust, and it tastes like a super-star dish once stuffed with tomato sauce, grated mozzarella, fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar.

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Margherita Pizza with Portobello Mushroom Crust

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Zucchini Pasta with Creamy Avocado Pesto

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Start this vegetarian keto recipe with zucchini noodles, then coat it with an easy homemade avocado-basil pesto. Dinner is served. (You might also want to try these healthy pesto recipes.)

Get the recipe: Zucchini Pasta with Creamy Avocado Pesto

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Low-Carb Mexican Cauliflower Rice

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See, Mexican recipes can be diet-friendly. This spicy dish fits into vegan, keto, and even paleo meal plans, and it tastes incredible topped with an egg, tofu, or grilled mushrooms to make it a filling meal.

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Mexican Cauliflower Rice

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