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Frozen Avocado Slices Are Now Available in Grocery Stores—But How Do They Taste?

fb-welchs-frozen-avocados.jpgPhoto: Welch's

See ya, avocado hand. Welch’s is about to save a lot people from avocado-related injuries (it happens more than you think) while also saving them some time and money. The grape juice company recently released their latest product: frozen avocado chunks. (Related: You Can Buy Chrissy Teigen's Matching Mother-Daughter Avocado One-Pieces)

The bags come filled with not diced, or sliced avocados but “hand chunks” that are “ripe-frozen so that they are always ready right when you need them,” according to the description on their website. That’s right, no more waiting around till your avocado is just ripe enough to eat but not rotten.

Welch’s recommends thawing them and using the extremely trendy fruit pieces on sandwiches, in poke bowls, or even desserts. But the most logical use for the chunks seems to be adding an extra dose of healthy fat to your morning smoothie. (Related: Why Avocados Keep Sending People to the E.R.—And How You Can Avoid It)

The bags, which are currently sold out on both Amazon and Walmart, retail for just under $5.00 for a 10-ounce bag. That seems like a steal considering just one fresh avocado can sometimes set you back as much as $2.50.

But the product has also been met with some mixed reviews. While some people are praising the avocados for being a “game-changer”, customers on Amazon have described them as “bitter, sour, with a persistent aftertaste.” (Related: These Chocolate Bars Literally Have Avocado Toast In Them)

“One good point is that the chunks in the bag were quite large,” one reviewer wrote. “But the taste is just way too off from a real–fresh–avocado.”

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