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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Domestic Diva


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Make Mad Men–style mixed drinks with the Altuzarra for Target + Neiman Marcus Double Old Fashioned Glasses ($50 for a set of 4) and Shaker ($50; and

Photo Opp

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Turn any Instagram snapshot into a cool place to rest a glass with these Coastermatic coasters ($25 for a set of 4;

One-Pot Wonder

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A busy girl’s best friend, the Bella Dots slow cooker ($40; adds a pop of color to the counter top and ensures dinner is ready when she is.

Chef Secrets

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Packed with more than 300 recipes, a substantial technique primer, and a wide range of helpful how-tos, Keys to the Kitchen ($35;, by former Food Network star Aida Mollenkamp, is a must-have guide for any home cook.

Cool Cover-Up

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Fashion meets function with the Hen House Linens cocktail apron ($25; Available in 31 bold patterns, it has pockets deep enough to tote a wine opener and napkins.

Raise a Glass

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Mail back the cork from any bottle of the Gallo Family Vineyards collection (from $5; wine retailers) and the company will donate $5 to the Meals on Wheels Association of America. Visit for more details.

Take a Dip

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No need to fuss over the final course—dessert is a cinch when served in this Mastrad Ceramic Chocolate Fondue Set ($20;

Mix Master

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A veritable Swiss Army knife of cocktail tools, the Bar10der ($50; squeezes 10 must-have mixology implements—including a corkscrew, muddler, and jigger—into one 9-inch-long gizmo. Bottoms up!

Moving Images

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Inspired to take pictures that captured his 3-year-old son's wide-eyed enthusiasm for life, NYC-based photographer Jordan Matter started snapping professional dancers jumping, leaping, spinning, and literally flying through daily life—on the beach, across a subway platform, in a library, and through the rain. The result: the nearly 200 photos in his new book, Dancers Among Us ($18; All of the shots are totally authentic (none were digitally altered, and no trampolines or other devices were used to help the performers catch air), which makes the artistry and athleticism they exhibit that much more impressive. It makes the perfect centerpiece for every active woman's coffee table!

Oil's Well

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No properly stocked kitchen is complete without a supply of heart-healthy cooking oil, and the new Lucini Estate Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($40; takes convenience to a whole new level. Like a boxed wine, it's air-tight package and innovative vacuum-sealed spigot keeps contents fresh—in this case, for up to 12 months—after opening. And at 101.4 ounces (the equivalent of six standard bottles), this bulk item is a huge value.

Brew La La

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The Keurig Vue Brewing System ($210; makes it easy to brew your perfect cup hot or over ice.


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