When the temperature starts to rise, there's nothing more satisfying than ice cream. But with some premium blends weighing in at more than 300 calories and 20 grams of fat per half cup, you may feel less inclined to indulge (and really, who can stop at one scoop?). The solution: single-serving low-cal options, like these sandwiches from Skinny Cow and Healthy Choice.

Blue Bunny Personals Super Fudge Brownie Light (120 calories, 3 g fat) The gooey brownie chunks and fudge swirl are irresistible, but the two-serving carton will keep you from overindulging.

Healthy Choice's Vanilla Ice Cream Bar with Fudge Coating (80 calories, 1 g fat) This creamy vanilla bar dipped in fudge tastes like it came from an ice cream truck.

Weight Watchers Giant Vanilla Fudge Sundae Cone (140 calories, 4 g fat) Packed with chocolate fudge and chips, this cone also contains four grams of fiber.

Skinny Cow Mint Fudge Low Fat Ice Cream Cone (150 calories, 3 g fat) You'll love the creamy mint ice cream and fudge swirl piled in a waffle cone.