Don't derail your diet celebrating with a 99-calorie margarita, a raw tequila cocktail, and more


Happy National Tequila Day! Too bad it's on a Tuesday this year (it's always July 24th)…But this tequila-girl is ready to celebrate-without breaking the calorie bank. If you read this blog you know I love margaritas but they can be a calorie killer, on average 500 for frozen, which is why I've rounded up some of my favorite low calorie margarita recipes. Yes, the research for this was very grueling. And for those of you who don't love the margs the way I do, I've included a few fantastic tequila recipes that don't necessarily involve lime juice and a salt rim. Or you can always enjoy tequila straight up like we did on Cinco de Mayo (pictured left). A one ounce shot will set you back just 69 calories. Happy National Tequila Day!

Low Calorie Margarita Recipes:

Fresh lime juice and orange liqueur keep the calories down on this twist to the classic margarita.

Made with carrot juice this margarita is packed with vitamins A, C, and potassium. One jack rabbit will cost you 162 calories and 17g carbs. Be sure to sip it slow!

Packed with fresh cucumber, cilantro, and spicy jalapeno the farmer's market margarita is the nutritional winner clocking in at just 99 calories. A margarita under 100? That is a happy National Tequila Day!

Some may say cocktails can't be raw (alcohol is distilled, read: boiled) but all the mixers are in this one! Raw agave gives this margarita it's signature sweetness.

Tequila may make your recollections hazy but sage is a known memory enhancer making it the perfect compliment to this herbal margarita.

Non-margarita drinks for celebrating National Tequila Day:

Made with agave nectar and fresh juices this tequila cocktail is quick and easy to make-even if you've already had a few!

My Italian side is in love! Basil, balsamic, muddled strawberries, and tequila for just 100 calories? Say no more!

If you don't like margaritas because they are too sweet this sour twist to the classic tequila drink may be for you.

Personally I'll be celebrating National Tequila Day with a raw margarita in hand-but I'll also have a glass of water in my other hand! Be sure to stay hydrated and eat your greens, it helps negate all the acidity of the alcohol, and be sure to read up on these four hangover cures that work before you get to the point of one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!