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10 Bento Box Lunches We're Craving Right Now

Pita Pizza Bento

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Leftover tomato sauce and cheese are transformed into a deskside pizza with some nutritious sides in this easy work lunch from IPackLunch. We'd try it with leftover pizza too—or this Flatbread Veggie Pizza.

Photo: IPackLunch

Israeli Salad and Grilled Chicken Bento

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Leftover salad and chicken like you've never seen them before: transformed into a Mediterranean lunch feast thanks to the Roxx Box. Yum!

Photo: The Roxx Box

Taco Tuesday Lunch

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Linda at the Organic Kitchen packed these taco fixings for a kid lunch, but we'd be happy to open this at noon any day.

Photo: The Organic Kitchen

Frittata Bento

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As part of her 30-day lunchbox challenge, Marla Meridith packed this healthy frittata for a midday meal. Breakfast for lunch FTW!

Photo: Maria Meridith

Chicken Salad Bento

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This lunch from Back to Her Roots uses an unexpected but delicious mix of chicken salad, green beans, crackers, chocolate covered cherries, and more. What else could a girl ask for?

Photo: Back to Her Roots

Bistro Box Lunch

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You could buy a pricey bento-style box from Starbucks, or you could DIY your own bistro boxes, like Joy at Joyful Abode. (We know which option we're going with!)

Photo: Joyful Abode

Cold Cuts Box

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For former sandwich lovers, Paleo lunches can be tough. Enter: Paleo box lunches from Paleo Leap, like this cold cut combo. (Did Cavemen Even Eat the Paleo Diet?)

Photo: Paleo Leap

Traditional Japanese Bento

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The Nourishing Gourmet gives you all the recipes you need to recreate this traditional Japanese bento, which is gluten-free and kid- (and adult-) friendly. Score.

Photo: The Nourishing Gourmet

Leftovers Bento

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Corey at Family Fresh Meals has tons of lunch ideas, including fun ways to pack leftovers so they taste just as good at your desk the next day. We promise!

Photo: Family Fresh Meals

Sushi Bento

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One Equals Two has six fun bento ideas including this "classic" box that combines hand rolls and edamame. (Plus, learn How to Make Homemade Sushi!)

Photo: One Equals Two


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