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10 Must-Follow Food Boards on Pinterest

"Healthy Foods" by ves151

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You’ll find plenty of delicious healthy food inspiration on this board. In addition to power-packed meals and snacks, it includes out-of-the-box ideas for low-calorie desserts like this sweet and tasty alternative to traditional cheesecake.

"Food—Healthy" by Janet Marie

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Follow this beautiful board to get motivated to whip up entrees like these wholesome, sweet potato skins.

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"Food that's Healthy" by How Does She

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No wonder this Pinterest board has so many followers! It’s packed full of colorful photos, nutritional charts, and lip-smacking lists. We were particularly intrigued by these homemade fruit roll-ups made with strawberries and cinnamon.

“Healthy Food that Looks Good” by Angela Palmer

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The mouthwatering images found here certainly live up to the name of this board, Healthy Food that Looks Good! In fact, this fluffy chocolate-y muffin is made with oats and Greek yogurt, clocking in at only 58 calories.

“Eat Up” by Michael Kors

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This board is proof: Healthy food is always in fashion. Designer Michael Kors curates a Pinterest board that includes some indulgent recipes (cupcakes and scones), as well as more nutritious options like this cranberry-avocado salad!

"Healthy Food" by Barb Kelly

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Smoothies, salads, soups—this Pinterest board offers it all. We’re totally copping this great idea for a green monster smoothie that blends strawberries, blueberries, peaches, fresh spinach, banana, and more.

"Looks Delicious" by Susan Sweet

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It’s true: Everything on this Pinterest board looks downright delicious—and nourishing too! This vegetarian curry is a great meal option, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t peruse the other food pins, including homemade lemon doughnuts and warm chicken salad.

"Fresh Smoothies" by myHealthyOC

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An entire Pinterest board dedicated to healthy smoothies? Yes, please! This board is plastered with colorful images of delicious and nutritious smoothies, including this bright purple blackberry version that we plan on making right away.

"Health & Fitness" by Samantha Eccles

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This board has so much more than just scrumptious-looking recipes. It’s rich with cool eating tips, workout ideas, and other healthy inspirational pins that made us instant followers.

“Recipes—Weight Watchers” by Brandi Hoffman

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Even if you’re not on the Weight Watchers plan, you’ll still benefit from following this Pinterest board. It gathers some of the best Weight Watchers meal and snack ideas into one place, including this low-cal pumpkin and cream bread that’s likely being repinned (again) right now!


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