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10 Savory Greek Yogurt Recipes

Caprese Salad 

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Halved cherry tomatoes + basil leaves + olive oil + coarse salt + freshly ground pepper [Tweet this recipe!]

Recipe provided by Autumn of Autumn Makes and Does


Avocado Basil Parfait 

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Avocado chunks + lemon juice + basil leaves + olive oil + salt + freshly ground pepper

Recipe provided by Rachael of La Fuji Mama

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Red Pepper Harissa with Feta

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Red pepper harissa + crumbled feta cheese + fresh mint + olive oil + sea salt + pepper

Recipe provided by Chobani SoHo

Photo: Chobani

Minty Cucumber Walnut Parfait

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Grated and drained cucumber + chopped fresh mint + raisins + chickpeas + lightly toasted walnuts + salt + pepper

Recipe provided by Sofia of Betacyanin


Mediterranean Veggie Parfait 

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Hummus + chopped bell peppers + chopped cucumber + halved grape tomatoes + chickpeas + lemon juice + pitted kalamata olives + pine nuts + chopped mint

Recipe provided by Stephanie of Cookin’ Cowgirl

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Savory "Granola" with Tomato and Cucumber

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Halved grape tomatoes + sliced cucumber + finely chopped red onion + crushed sesame crackers + chopped fresh herbs + lemon zest + olive oil + salt

Recipe provided by Southern Living


Beet-Citrus Yogurt

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Shredded raw beets + orange segments + fresh dill 

Recipe provided by Stonyfield and Amelia Winslow of Eating Made Easy

Photo: Amelia Winslow

Quinoa Herb Parfait 

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Cooked quinoa + diced cucumber + diced avocado + pine nuts + fresh dill + lemon zest + olive oil + fresh parsley

Recipe provided by Jenna Braddock, R.D., of Fresh Food Perspectives

Photo: Jenna Braddock

Simi Bowl

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Quartered fresh figs + pitted and sliced kalamata olives + diced tomato + chopped bell pepper + chopped cucumber + basil chiffonade + crumbled pita chips + olive oil + sea salt [Tweet this recipe!]

Recipe provided by Christopher Potter of GRK Fresh


Photo: Christopher Potter

Zucchini Pesto with Tomato

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Zucchini pesto + halved roasted cherry tomatoes + pine nuts + balsamic reduction + crumbled Parmesan + olive oil + sea salt + pepper

Recipe provided by Chobani SoHo

Photo: Chobani


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