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10 Unbeetable Beet Greens Recipes

Young Beet Greens Pizza

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Pizza night just got a whole lot healthier thanks to this super simple recipe from Dine and Dash. Swap out tomato sauce for a beet root and feta paste and top with beet greens, olive oil, and a pinch of freshly ground salt and pepper. (Use a Gluten-Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust for an even healthier meal.)

Photo: Dine and Dash

Radish, Beet, and Carrot Top Greens Salad

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Why stop at beet greens? Keep all the green leafy tops from your farmers market veggie haul and toss into a fresh salad with carrot, beet, and radish greens. Add a vermouth vinegrette like this one from White on Rice Couple for a little extra tang. (Sounds like a Tasty Way to Use Food Scraps.)

Photo: White on Rice Couple

Beet Green and Feta Pasta

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Sneak a hearty dose of iron into your favorite comfort food by tossing beet greens with pasta. Up the creaminess with a little feta, like in this recipe from Chowhound. (For more diet-friendly pasta dishes, whip up one of these 15 Low-Calorie Pasta Recipes for a Healthy Italian Dinner.)

Photo: Chowhound

Roasted Beet Green and Goat Cheese Frittata

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Use the whole beet, greens and all, in this flavor-packed frittata recipe from Cara's Cravings. The shallots, goat cheese, and pecans make it so mouth-wateringly delicious, you'll want to have it at every meal. Pro tip: Thinly slice the beets for optimum roasting.

Photo: Cara's Cravings

Spicy Beet Green Crostini

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Move over bruschetta, there's a new crostini on the table. Roasted beet greens, salt, olive oil, and fresh pepper are all it takes to make this delicious app from The Daily Meal.

Photo: The Daily Green

Baked Beet Green Chips

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Beet greens are fantastic (and fantastic sources of folate) all by themselves. But this recipe from Eat. Thrive. Glow. is certain to be the most beautiful batch of chips you ever make.

Photo: Eat. Thrive. Grow

Citrus Beet Cleanser Green Smoothie

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You're probably no stranger to tossing some leafy greens into your morning smoothie to up the vitamin content. So swap out the kale or spinach in your fave smoothie recipe for beet greens or try this citrus beet version from Simple Green Smoothies. (And for those who prefer to spoon their smoothies, we have 10 Smoothie Bowl Recipes Under 500 Calories.)

Photo: Simple Green Smoothies

Red Lentil Beet Green Soup

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As fall approaches (happy Pumpkin Spice Latte season!), we look forward to trying out some heartier recipes to stay warm. Packed with beet greens, garlic, ginger, and red lentils, this soup from Farm on Plate certainly does the trick. (And speaking of fall comfort foods, you have to try these 25 Seasonal Acorn Squash Recipes.)

Photo: Farm on Plate

Beet Green and Mushroom Frittata

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Brunch gets a savory (not to mention healthy) update with this beet green and mushroom frittata recipe from Figs and Honey. Bonus: The colorful beet greens make a beautiful garnish.

Photo: Figs and Honey

Creamy Beet Green Chopped Salad

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Up the protein content of your beet greens salad with some quinoa and chickpeas like in this recipe. Try tossing the salad with roasted red and orange beets for a bit of a different flavor.

Photo: MJ and Hungryman


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