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20 Chilled Soups for Staying Slim

Chilled Pea, Avocado, and Mint Soup

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Frozen peas and canned coconut make a filling yet refreshing savory combo in My Darling Lemon Thyme's chilled pea soup recipe. (Love cooking with coconut? Try one of these 10 Tasty Coconut Oil Recipes.)

Photo: My Darling Lemon Thyme

Peach Gazpacho

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Jennifer Farley over at Savory Simple gives classic gazpacho a peach-y twist—a perfect way to use up surplus summer produce!

Photo: Savory Simple

Chilled Mango Raspberry Soup

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It's Yummi's mango raspberry soup is fruit-based and sweet, and can serve as a light and refreshing appetizer or double as dessert.

Photo: It's Yummi

Watermelon Gazpacho

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If you love watermelon salads, you’ll flip for Spiced’s watermelon gazpacho. It combines the fruit with summer veggies and herbs including bell peppers, cucumbers, basil, and more.

Photo: Spiced

Cold Cucumber Soup

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If you haven’t loved chilled soups in the past, give The Healthy Foodie's cucumber soup a try. The herbs, Greek yogurt, and refreshing cucumber combo are perfect for hot summer nights. (Don't throw out your leftover yogurt! Try one of these 10 Greek Yogurt Recipes You've Never Seen Before.)

Photo: The Healthy Foodie

Creamy Vegan Corn and Red Pepper Blender Soup

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You’d never guess that this super-creamy corn and red pepper soup from Averie Cooks is actually dairy-free (and totally vegan!). Serve it cold in summer, or warm it up in winter.

Photo: Averie Cooks

Chilled Melon Soup

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Ginger and lemon provide a tangy contrast to the sweetness in this cantaloupe soup, courtesy of Natural Noshing.

Photo: Natural Noshing

Cold Black Bean Soup

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If it feels too hot for a bean burrito, why not give Mango & Tomato’s chilled black bean soup a try? It’s topped with your favorite Mexican fixings like avocado and cilantro. (With only a few ingredients, this dish won't cost much. While you're at it, try these 10 Cheap Meals That Taste Amazing.)

Photo: Mango & Tomato

Chilled Cucumber Avocado Soup

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If cucumber soup and guacamole had a baby, it would be Pickles & Honey’s cucumber avocado soup. With avocado for healthy fat, lime for freshness, and low-cal cucumber, it’s a super healthy combo.

Photo: Pickles & Honey

No-Cook Tomato Soup

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Blend up a batch of this easy tomato soup from Better Than Doing Laundry and pour it into a mason jar. It makes a great on-the-go dinner or lunch!

Photo: Better Than Doing Laundry

Chilled Strawberry Soup

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Spicy, sweet, and tangy all at the same time, Beard & Bonnet’s luscious strawberry soup tastes great as a fruity appetizer or a light and healthy dessert.

Photo: Beard & Bonnet

Creamy Corn Gazpacho

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Topping the bowl with heirloom corn makes nutrition coach Linda Wagner’s creamy gazpacho a visual stunner. The herbs and spices make sure it packs a culinary punch as well.

Photo: Linda Wagner

Cool and Creamy Beet Borscht

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True, you do need to cook the beets to make this cool take on the Russian soup. But if you buy the beets pre-steamed, then Kate Battistelli's cold borscht truly is a no-cook meal.

White Gazpacho

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When you’ve got leftover bread, whip the slices up in the blender along with almonds, cucumbers, grapes, and more, as in The Little Ferraro Kitchen's white gazpacho, a thick and satisfying cold soup.

Photo: The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Healthy Raw Tortilla Soup

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Enjoy Mexican flavors—without turning on the heat (or using meat!)—with this vegan tortilla soup from Kibby’s Blended Life.

Photo: Kibby’s Blended Life

Raw Vegan Cream of Green Soup

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Green smoothie fanatics will love this broccoli, cucumber, and kale-packed "Cream of Green" soup from Strictly Delicious. Full-fat coconut makes it extra creamy—and satisfying. (Smoothie lovers, take note: These DIY Smoothie Recipes From Your Neighborhood Juice Bar taste just like the real thing—without the hefty price tag!

Photo: Strictly Delicious

Salmorejo Chilled Tomato Soup

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Salmorejo is gazpacho’s smokier and creamier Spanish cousin. Try it out at home with In My Red Kitchen's chilled tomato soup recipe.

Photo: In My Red Kitchen

Chilled Sorrel Soup

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Beat the heat and get your greens in all at once with Seasonal & Savory’s chilled sorrel soup. Cashews and avocado add healthy protein and fat, so the soup will keep you satisfied.

Photo: Seasonal & Savory

Chilled Cream of Basil Soup with a Corn and Cucumber Salad

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Can’t decide between soup or salad? With this basil, corn, and cucumber recipe from With Food + Love, you get to eat both—and get the contrast of a silky-smooth soup topped with crunchy corn salad.

Photo: With Food + Love

Chilled Melon and Lavender Soup

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Top this melon lavender soup from Sprinkle With Love with berries and shredded coconut for an extra hit of sweetness—without any added sugar. Or try sesame seeds, hemp hearts, or cacao nibs for a little extra crunch.

Photo: Sprinkle With Love


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