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20 Foodie Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


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Why is it so satisfying to look at color gradients? Whatever spot she's hitting in the brain, photographer Brittany Wright is making a name for herself with the beautifully arranged ingredients on her account, @wrightkitchen.

Photo: @wrightkitchen/Instagram


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@foodbabyny combines two of Instagram's greatest motifs: cute babies and delicious food. A proud papa documents his son in contrast to the oversized items he's munching on at the moment.

Photo: @foodbabyny/Instagram


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The crew behind The Infatuation, a popular site for restaurant reviews, recently launched @pizza, a spin-off of their own drool-worthy account. Follow at your own risk, however, as the endless photos of melty, gooey slices will make you want to cancel your dinner plans immediately in favor of a pie.

Photo: @pizza/Instagram


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The chef behind an entire empire of Asian fusion restaurants in New York's East Village posts photos of his travels, his meetings with famous faces, and of course, his amazing, inventive meals. Follow him at @davidchang.

Photo: @davidchang/Instagram


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As silly as their food puns might be, @talkingfood may change the way you walk around the grocery store. Just try not forming some funny wordplay of your own. (But beware of these Health Buzzwords that Don't Mean Much.)

Photo: @talkingfood/Instagram


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Photographer Julie Lee portrays gorgeously spare eats in the all-white, light-filled kitchen you never had (or could afford) on @julieskitchen.

Photo: @julieskitchen/Instagram


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As the chef who kicked off the fancy gastropub trend at the Spotted Pig, April Bloomfield posts plenty of pics of cute little oinkers on the farm—as well as a surprisingly amount of fresh veggie dishes. Follow her @aprilbloomfield.

Photo: @aprilbloomfield/Instagram


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English celebrity chef Jamie Oliver posts endless pics of his artful recipes while enticing you to head to his site for the recipes. And with amazing combinations like this tomato carpaccio with burrata and raspberries, you might just find yourself convinced. Follow @jamieoliver for more mouth-watering food porn.

Photo: @jamieoliver/Instagram


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You may know that model Chrissy Teigen is hilarious on Twitter, but have you seen her snaps on Instagram? She's gearing up to release a cookbook, and posts pics regularly as she tests and refines recipes on her account, @chrissyteigen. (Find out What Chrissy Teigen Eats (Almost) Every Day.)

Photo: @chrissyteigen/Instagram


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Magazine editor-in-chief Adam Goldberg posts intensely beautiful photos of his journeys around the world, paying special attention to each new city's cuisine, on his account @alifewortheating.

Photo: @alifewortheating/Instagram


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A master of the aerial view, photographer Alice Gao posts ethereal images drifting over overflowing plates and warm wood tables on @alice_gao.

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Comedian Aziz Ansari is a self-declared foodie extraordinaire, as he often discusses on Twitter and in his stand-up routines. His Instagram account, @azizansari, is peppered with restaurant dishes as well as his own creations, all featuring hilarious captions and commentary.

Photo: @azizansari/Instagram


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As the gardener behind the lush account @farmert, Tucker Taylor uses bold and bright filters to create technicolor visions of veggies. (Don't overlook these 8 "Ugly" Nutrient-Packed Fruits and Vegetables.)

Photo: @farmert/Instagram


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Leave it to Brooklyn to create a "food and design community" dedicated to "thoughtful living" and really wonderful meals. Their communal dinners and recipes are featured on this bright, happy account, @sundaysuppers.

Photo: @sundaysuppers/Instagram


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Proving that food really can be art, Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes creates sweet, child-like scenes that are guaranteed to make you smile while you're scrolling through. Follow @idafrosk to see more playful designs.

Photo: @idafrosk/Instagram


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The only thing better than a food-focused Instagram is a funny food-focused Instagram like @mykidcanteatthis. Parents can submit photos by using the hashtag #mykidcanteatthis, along with a hilarious caption describing why the dish in question was tantrum-worthy. For this photo? The kid was worried that his pasta looked like feet with little toes.

Photo: @mykidcanteatthis


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As you can probably guess from the name, @foodporno posts delightfully lusty images of creamy, cheesy, and decadent dishes. Just consider this your "cheat" feed, okay? (Then go ahead and indulge with one of 15 Low-Calorie Chocolate Dessert Recipes.)

Photo: @foodporno/instagram


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Putting an inspired spin on teeny tiny haute cuisine, @chefjacqueslamerde arranges junky food like Doritos and chicken wings (as seen here) into dishes that could earn a Michelin star.

Photo: @chefjacqueslamerde/Instagram


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Hitting the books has never been so yummy. A med school student takes a break from cramming for anatomy to create these candy dioramas. Hey, whatever helps you save lives. See more @candyanatomy.

Photo: @candyanatomy/Instagram


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Why does this British man create perfectly symmetrical breakfasts for himself and his boyfriend every single morning? The reasoning is unclear, but this is the Internet. Best bet is to sit back and enjoy @symmetrybreakfast.

Photo: @symmetrybreakfast/Instagram


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