The worst of the worst—that you're probably drinking


Summer is officially here! And if you're anything like me, summer means blue skies, sunny days, and of course, my requisite daily Starbucks run. I can't help it; ice cold Starbucks drinks just taste so good. Unfortunately, all that taste comes wrapped up in fat, sugar, and tons of calories, which not only means I crash and burn from a sugar high later on, but it wrecks my wallet and my waistline. We did a little digging to uncover the three worst frozen drinks you can order at Starbucks. Steer clear in your quest to stay cool!

3 Unhealthiest Starbucks Frozen and Iced Drinks

Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino:

Although this chocolatey concoction is delicious (it's one of my favorites), it's more like a dessert than a drink. A Grande size has 410 calories and 20 grams of fat. That's 30 percent of your daily recommended intake! If you order the Venti, the calorie count goes up to 520, and the fat content jumps from 20 grams to 23, which makes up 36 percent of your daily recommended amount.

Mocha Coconut Blended Fappuccino:

A Venti (20 oz) order of this frozen treat contains 550 calories, 18 grams of fat, and 89 grams of sugar! It's the sugar equivalent of drinking an entire two-liter bottle of coke-in one sitting.

Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha:

This is the worst drink on the list. A Venti sized Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha made with whole milk contains 700 calories, 27 grams of fat, and 95 grams of sugar. That's like consuming 20 teaspoons of sugar at once, or six tablespoons of mayonnaise. Gross!