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5 Ways to Eat Oatmeal (Besides Breakfast Bowls!)

Switch Up Your Oatmeal!

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Today is National Oatmeal Day—and the whole grain definitely deserves the honor. Every cup of cooked oats costs you just 166 calories, but gives you 16 percent of your daily dose of filling fiber and 13 percent of your protein. Despite its nutritional prowess, though, oatmeal is often relegated to boring breakfast bowls. That's a shame, because the versatile ingredient can be so much more. Try these five smart ways to eat more oats.

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Roll Them Into Balls of Flavor

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Mix up a portable, healthy snack: These Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie Energy Bites with Chia Cacao Nibs from Ambitious Kitchen combine oats with dates, PB, and a few more flavorful surprises. Roll the mixture into one-inch balls and you can satisfy your sweet tooth all week, guilt-free.

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Infuse Them With Deliciousness

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Tempted by the scent of cinnamon buns at the mall or the airport? Capture the same flavors at home with this easy-peasy oatmeal. Salt and Wit's Cinnamon Bun Overnight Oats infuse with sweet, creamy, cinnamon-y flavor overnight. They even feature a creamy topping reminiscent of the sinful version. (Did you know oats are one of the Best Foods for Your Brain?)

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Blend Them Into Smoothies

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Drink in the flavors of fall: This Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Smoothie from What the Fork is like pumpkin pie in a glass. Oats add texture and filling fiber. (Don't miss these 13 Pumpkin Recipes to Squash Your Cravings.)

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Stir Them Into Cake

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Turn oats into flour and whip them up into cake. This vegan Chocolate Protein Cake from The Coconut Diaries looks indulgent but only comes in at 114 calories per slice before toppings.

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Form Them Into Dough

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Pile some fiber into your pie crust. This Butternut Squash Pie with an Oat Crust from This Runner's Recipes features ground oats in its bottom layer. The filling is similar to pumpkin pie, but it doesn't come from a can; it features freshly roasted squash instead. (Want more gourds? Try these 25 Seasonal Acorn Squash Recipes.)

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