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7 Low Calorie Recipes for Sunday Brunch

Low Calorie Recipe: Steamed Eggs

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This high-protein, low-calorie recipe will keep your guests feeling satisfied for hours—for less than 300 calories. Serve the eggs sans English muffins, and you’ll cut 135 calories and 422 mg of sodium per serving. Get the steamed eggs with vinegar and herbs recipe.

Low Calorie Recipe: Cinnamon-Wheat Pancakes

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These low-calorie pancakes are packed with nutrients and flavor. In other words, they’re the perfect way kick off your day. Get the easy recipe for cinnamon-wheat pancakes with hot boysenberry compote.

Low Calorie Recipe: Grilled French Toast with Gingered Plum Compote

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From the name to the taste, everything about this French toast screams indulgence. But it’s all a façade. You can enjoy this grilled french toast without guilt. Get the low calorie recipe here.

Low Calorie Recipe: Frittata Muffins

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Perfect for Sunday brunch or a light supper, this savory treat can be served warm or at room temperature. Get the cauliflower red pepper frittata muffins recipe.

Low Calorie Recipe: Goat Cheese Strudel

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Walnut, artichoke and goat cheese strudel just sounds impressive. But after one bite of this mouthwatering meal, no one will be thinking about the name. We suggest you keep this low calorie strudel recipe near the phone.

Low Calorie Recipe: Spinach and Feta Strata

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This healthy recipe is high in fiber and flavor. Plus, it takes less than 30 minutes to make. Get the quinoa pilaf with spinach, feta, and almonds salad recipe.

Low Calorie Recipe: Orange Poppy Seed Muffins

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These tasty muffins are the perfect grab and go item for your healthy breakfast or snack. That is, if your brunch guests don’t devour every last one. Get the orange poppy seed muffins recipe.


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