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Amazon Is Launching Meal Delivery Kits


We love services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh because it looks like we spent all this time prepping an amazing meal when we actually just threw together the pre-portioned creations of healthy and innovative chefs de cuisine. (Are Food Delivery Apps Making Us Slimmer?) Now Amazon, the e-tail giant we're all a bit too reliant on thanks to its awesome Prime service, is getting in on the meal-kit game, according to a report in Business Insider.

Amazon is partnering up with meat-slinging brand Tyson for "a line of chef-inspired meal kits," Tyson CEO Donald Smith said of the product, which will be called Tyson Taste Makers. (ICYMI, Tyson Chicken Will Remove Antibiotics By 2017.) While details on how exactly the delivery service will work (for example, in what state the kits' ingredients will be delivered in—think only portioned vs. portioned and chopped) haven't been announced, they are distinguishing themselves from the meal delivery competition by focusing on "premium proteins," according to Smith. "We'll teach [consumers] about the cuts of meat and where they come from. We'll help pre-cut, trim, dry age, smoke, marinate, and do the prep so all they have to do is cook it. And then we'll inspire them to explore and cook with ingredients that they may have never used before." (Is Red Meat Really Bad for You?)

While Amazon hasn't commented on the tasty deal just quite yet, we can say that just thinking about the protein-packed kits is making us hungry. We've used and liked Amazon Prime as well as Amazon Fresh, their grocery-delivery service, so we're hoping the nail the meal-delivery game too. If nothing else, it sounds delicious, right? (Check out The Best Cooking Apps and Food Services to Make Healthy Meals a Breeze.)


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