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BFFs Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson Launch Healthy Take-Out

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Longtime besties and business partners Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson are at it again: The duo is launching a line of locally-sourced, organic, and gluten-free meals called 3 Green Hearts. The Goop founder and celebrity trainer are also teaming up with friend and business partner Maria Baum. (Wonder what Tracy Anderson eats every day?)

A self-proclaimed "major foodie," Anderson told Hamptons magazine (whose cover she graced in May alongside Paltrow) she decided to launch the company after recognizing “gaps” in her practice as a trainer. “I see people showing up for their workouts and the ones that get the insane results are the ones where I’m doing their food too,” she said. “All of the ingredients [in 3 Green Hearts meals] are organic and everything is sourced to the highest standards of food quality, that we know is vital for us to get out of this processed, de-natured world that we live in with food. If I can get a lot of the additives or the common allergens out of people's diets, then I can help them lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, vitality, and energy."

Available as take-out from Anderson's two Hamptons-based studios, offerings include gluten-free pastas, grilled salmon, fish tacos, kale ravioli, quinoa salad, and fresh-made juices and smoothies, as well as healthy "frosting shots" (we're intrigued!) and allergen-free cookies. And while a Tracy Anderson class may be out of reach unless you're an A-lister (her clients include J.Lo, Kim K, and Madonna), Anderson also mentions that the delish-sounding options will also be 'affordable.' Hopefully, her definition of that will be the same as ours. (See what Gwyneth Paltrow's Food Stamps Failure Taught Us.)

If a trip to the Hamptons isn't in your future, you may not have to wait too long. Anderson reveals that they plan to expand 3 Green Hearts to all of her studio locations, and eventually evolve to include green cleaning products and paraben-free beauty products. What can't these women do?


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