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Goth Food Is the Latest Instagram Trend and We Can't Look Away

Activated Charcoal Ice Cream

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First things first, a lot of these goth foods feature activated charcoal, which really isn't that good for you. While foods like this black-on-black cone from Little Damage in L.A. are great for the 'gram (so. pretty.), we suggest trying the following charcoal alternatives instead.

Photo: @little.damage

Pepper and Black Sesame Pie Crust

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Instead of trying to invent an intricate pie crust design, paint it black. Food blogger Aimee Twigger turned this crust for her miso chicken and mushroom pie black by adding pepper and sesame seeds.

Photo: @twiggstudios

Black Macarons

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These black macarons from Nick Makrides of The Scran Line are way more interesting than the baby blue- or rose-colored variety. To make them yourself, you'll need black food coloring.

Photo: Instagram @thescranline

Coconut Ash Pudding Doughnuts

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Yet another food you probably never expected to see gothified: the doughnut. Try this "Goth Von D" doughnut with coconut ash pudding and glaze at a Peaceful Provisions pop-up in New York.

Photo: Instagram @peacefulprovisions

Sugar Glitter Churros

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Fact: Black and glittery churros are the best churros. To make these sparkly desserts, The Loop in Westminster, CA, glazes its churros then dips them in edible sugar glitter.

Photo: @theloopchurros

Squid Ink Spaghetti

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Okay, pasta al nero di seppia—aka pasta made from squid ink—has been around since way before goth food was a thing. But this clam and spaghetti (from 21 Greenpoint in Brooklyn) seems like a pretty delicious way to subtly get in on the trend. (You can also try this Mexican black bean spaghetti recipe at home.) 

Photo: Instagram @pasta

Black Rice Sushi

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This black rice sushi from VegeNation in Las Vegas is more than a pretty picture. And in case you were curious, black rice gets its color naturally and is loaded with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin E.

Photo: @vegcoachmickey

Bamboo Charcoal Hot Dog

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TBH we're not entirely sure how this black hot dog came to be, but apparently it's a well-established trend in Japan. If you're okay with a little mystery meat, this is sure to be a conversation starter.

Photo: Instagram @sophiepride


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