Breakfast Charcuterie Boards Will Make Brunch at Home Feel Special Again

Built with mini versions of morning staples — all neatly arranged on chic platters — breakfast charcuterie boards are taking the most important meal of the day to the next level.

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Big pancake breakfast table with berries, bacon and maple syrup
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The early bird may get the worm, but that doesn't mean it's easy to pop out of bed the second your alarm clock starts blaring. Unless you're Leslie Knope, your mornings likely involve some version of pressing the snooze button three times, scrolling on Instagram for 20 minutes, and finally moseying out of bed just because you need a cup of coffee.

But here's a solution! Waking up to the thought of noshing on a breakfast charcuterie board will have you slipping out of the sheets in minutes. Covered in morning munchie staples including mini waffles, fresh berries, slices of bacon, and chunky jams, these boards make your homemade brekkie feel like the brunch you'd grab with your BFFs — and look so much more appealing than the bowl of instant oatmeal you'd usually scarf down.

OK, these beautifully plated meals aren't technically charcuterie boards, which are traditionally centered around cured meats and products, such as salumi, pâté, jamón, and prosciutto, and are often prepared with cheeses, nuts, fruits, crackers, and jams. But since this appetizer arrangement has recently evolved to involve desserts and loads of veggies, no one's going to call you out for giving your breakfast the same lavish treatment! Plus, if artfully arranging your food on a wooden platter (Buy It, $44, is what finally gets you to eat in the mornings (you know if you're that person) or turn your usual granola bar into a more substantial morning meal — which research shows boosts your energy levels and provides essential nutrients — so be it.

While any breakfast charcuterie board you create is sure to be tasty, certain fare works better than others depending on your morning plans. If you're going to be grazing between episodes of The Queen's Gambit, craft a continental-style breakfast charcuterie board featuring room-temp items that won't give you food poisoning if they sit out 'til noon. Try topping your board with blueberry muffins, mini bagels, or English muffins, sliced-up bananas, strawberries, and avocados, and homemade granola bars, all accompanied by small bowls (Buy It, $20, of various nut butter, Greek yogurt, and cream cheese (keep that last ingredient in the fridge after you snag that IG photo).

During the mornings you're going to finish your meal in 10 minutes flat or hosting friends, go for a piping-hot breakfast charcuterie board. Load it with fluffy silver dollar pancakes, adorable baby waffles (i.e. those you can make with this tiny waffle iron, Buy It, $24,, slices of bacon, sausage links, and halved hard-boiled eggs or bite-sized frittatas. Then fill in any gaps with fresh berries and small cups of honey, syrup, butter, and — for those with a sweet tooth — chocolate chips.

BTW, you don't need to reserve the breakfast charcuterie boards solely for home brunches with the gals or a romantic breakfast in bed. Spending your Sunday morning assembling a beautiful board of your favorite breakfast items — and then taking your time to enjoy them — can be just the act of self-care you need. The only rule? It's gotta be delicious.

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