Banana-based vegan ice cream just got some major competition.


Big news for vegan ice cream lovers (or, let's be real, all ice cream lovers... and avocado lovers): Avocado ice cream just dropped at Whole Foods.

If you've ever dipped your toe into the world of non-dairy frozen treats (with recipes like this delicious vegan pistachio-coconut ice cream, who wouldn't want to?) you know vegan ice cream options are tasty but limited-especially if you have an allergy to nuts or soy. The need for vegan ice cream options that aren't made with bananas is REAL. Hence, why we're so pumped at the news that Cado, a packaged avocado ice cream, just hit the frozen section at Whole Foods, as first reported by Refinery29.

Avocado ice cream might sound weird at first, but the put-it-on-everything fruit is actually a popular base for many desserts and vegan ice cream recipes thanks to its super-creamy texture. (Just imagine sinking your spoon into a frozen, blended heap of creamy avocado.)

The result is an indulgent-tasting vegan option that, BTW, doesn't actually taste like an avocado. "We love that when people try Cado, they have no idea it's made from avocados," said co-founder Meghan Dowd in an interview with Refinery29. Cado has classic flavors like Deep Dark Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip, plus a refreshing and summery Simply Lemon flavor.

But it gets better: Dowd told Refinery29 that the company is also preparing to drop four new flavors: Cherry Amaretto, Java Chip, Vanilla, and Salted Caramel. (Sound the alarms!!!)

While spooning down a pint of avocado ice cream isn't exactly healthy (we wish), Cado is a healthier alternative to other ice creams, which are higher in sugar and don't have the good-for-you fat that we've come to worship avocados for. Plus, they're safe for vegans, people who are lactose-intolerant, or who simply choose to go dairy-free. In case you need another cherry on top of your vegan avocado sundae, Cado is also totally organic and GMO-free, according to their website.

While no recipe will ever be quite as simple as running to your nearest Whole Foods and picking up a carton of ice cream (sometimes you gotta satisfy that craving, now), there are a ton of simple avocado ice cream recipes you can make yourself. Feeling inspired? Try this avocado-based coconut lime ice cream recipe for your Fourth of July barbecue this weekend.