The gluten-free and lower-carb alternative is available starting today.

By Faith Brar
Photo: California Pizza Kitchen

Cauliflower is having its moment. People are adding the vegetable to their smoothies, appetizers, and desserts, so it makes total sense that after a successful preview in Southern California, California Pizza Kitchen is taking their Cauliflower Pizza Crust nationwide. (Related: Healthy Pizza Crust Recipes with Vegetables and Whole Grains)

"We are proud to be the first national restaurant brand to offer a cauliflower-based pizza crust that's a craveable, gluten-free, and lower-carb alternative to our classic hand-tossed pizza dough-a great option for guests with gluten sensitivities or those just looking for a clever way to sneak more vegetables into their day," Brian Sullivan, SVP of Culinary Innovation at CPK, said in a statement.

The crust will be made with "a custom blend of cauliflower, mozzarella cheese, rice flour, herbs, and spices," according to the brand. Each slice will set you back 90 calories and has 14 grams of carbs compared to the chain's classic crust which runs about 97 calories and has 21 grams of carbs. It's also gluten-free. (Related: This Cauliflower Fried Rice Bowl Will Make You Forget About Takeout Forever)

These new crusts are available nationwide starting today-and you can get them at no additional cost until Feb. 9, which happens to be National Pizza Day. After that, they're only an additional $2.50.


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