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Chipotle Will Soon Offer Dessert for the First Time Ever

Chipotle just announced that it will be introducing its first-ever dessert—and it sounds delicious.

The popular food chain plans to test out several sweet options and is starting with the sugary treats known as buñuelos, Business Insider reports. If you haven't heard of them before, they're basically fried tortillas tossed in sugar, cinnamon, and honey. Buñuelos are usually served alongside an apple caramel dipping sauce, but we're not sure whether or not Chipotle will add their own spin.

Unfortunately, Chipotle has yet to release any nutritional information about their new addition, but let's face it, anything fried and sugary isn't your healthiest bet. If you're planning on giving them a try, consider pairing your order with a healthier option for some ~ balance. ~ (It also helps that Chipotle's nutrition info just got a whole lot easier to figure out.)

Buñuelos will be Chipotle's first new menu item since they began selling chorizos last October and is definitely one of the company's major additions to its menu in the past 20 years. That said, the news of a dessert doesn't come as a huge shock considering the company's CMO Mark Crumpacker teased its debut back in January. "It only adds one ingredient not already found in our restaurants, it's easy to prepare, and it's delicious," Crumpacker said during a presentation at the ICR Conference. They'll be available at select locations starting next month.


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