Bite-sized Halloween candy is unavoidable towards the end of October-it's just about everywhere you turn: work, the grocery store, even at the gym. Learn how to avoid the temptation this season.

Arm Yourself

Part of the lure of Halloween sweets is the deceiving nature of bite-sized candies: Eating small pieces doesn't feel as fattening. You can still enjoy the mouth-popping satisfaction; just swap the junk for a healthier snack, like almonds. "Get the same crunch from nuts or the same sweetness from raisins, without all the processing and added sugar," says Stacy Berman, certified nutritionist and founder of Stacy's Bootcamp. Nuts can be high in fat, so eat them in moderation.

Avoid Temptation at Work

Prepare for the dreaded candy bowl by keeping healthy snacks at your desk or nearby. Berman suggests the following quick recipe: Slice a banana, place the pieces on a tray in the freezer for 20 minutes, throw in a plastic bag, and store in your work freezer. "These are great because they satisfy the sweet tooth, and because the slices are frozen, you will eat them slower," adds Berman.

If you're already armed with healthy alternatives at work and still find yourself giving in, leave the empty wrappers on your desk. They will remind you that you had your treat for the day, how many extra calories you've consumed, and hopefully ward off future temptation.

Keep Candy Out of Your Home

If you've been procrastinating on buying sweets for the 31st, this is one of the few times that delaying works to your advantage. Put off buying candy until the last day (if you already bought it, store the bag in the closet). "Limit the amount of time that candy is in your house," adds Berman.

Be Selective

If you do cave, opt for dark chocolate because it has twice the amount of antioxidants as the milk-based kind. Look for a high percentage of cocoa, because that means there is less added sugar, plus cocoa contains flavonol, which some research has shown can lower blood pressure. As with all candy, moderation is key.