The healthy food blogger took a snapshot of every bite that passed her lips.


As a holistic nutritionist and vegetarian chef, Sarah Britton creates perfectly healthy, mouthwatering meals-all without counting calories.

"One of my goals is to demonstrate that by eating whole foods, we are relieved of having to obsess over calories, fat grams, and carbs," she says. "If you are enjoying a healthy and balanced diet, you are truly free! I believe our obsession with the 'elements' of food has forced us away from what is truly important in what we eat-simplicity, taste, beauty, and pleasure."

Britton keeps hunger pangs at bay by noshing on wholesome snacks throughout the day, and by drinking water in between (never with) meals. "I consume about 1.5 to 2 liters in total [per day], depending on my activity level," she says.

Check out Britton's visual food diary during one 24-hour period, then head to her award-winning blog My New Roots more of her amazing recipes.

Morning Drink: Hot Water with Lemon


"This is the best thing to consume upon waking, as it flushes the kidneys and the liver and alkalizes the blood. It also allows me to tune into whether or not I am really hungry. Usually after drinking this, I don't need to eat for several hours, instead of force-feeding myself first thing in the morning, which is never a good thing."

Breakfast: Smoothie


Britton whipped up a smoothie using homemade raw almond milk, spinach, flaxseed oil, chlorophyll, spirulina, frozen black currants, blueberries, blackberries, frozen banana, bee pollen, shelled hemp seeds, mesquite, and maca.

"I crave smoothies but tend to only drink them in the warmer months, as they are very inappropriate for a winter breakfast! This morning, I just needed it. I pretty much throw in anything I have in my pantry. Blending a lot of these foods together is the best way to consume them, as eating them on their own can be quite abysmal. My smoothie was delicious and energy-packed."

Afternoon Snack: Mandarins and a Cup of White Tea


"I try to get in all of my fruits before the morning is over, especially citrus. They are too high in sugar for the later hours. White tea is high in antioxidants and low in caffeine. I love its delicate flavor."

Lunch: Brown Rice with Mung Beans and Lentil Daal


Britton's lunch included short-grain brown rice, mung beans, red lentils, tomato, lemon, spices, and cilantro.

"I eat my biggest meal of the day at lunch, because that is when I need the most energy. Today I had leftovers from last night's dinner, which is typical for me," she says.

"Short-grain brown rice is best for winter, as it is more concentrated, whereas long-grain rice is best for summer. Mung beans are highly nutritious and fast-cooking. Lentils are a favorite legume for the same reason: they cook quickly and are so great in soups and stews. I enjoy them Indian-style often in daal with plenty of immune-boosting spices."

Evening Snack: Sprouted Brazil Nuts


"Sprouting nuts is essential for nutrient release and optimal digestion. I like Brazil nuts because they are filling and rich. A handful of 8 or so far exceeds the RDIs for selenium, a trace element of which most North American diets are lacking."

Dinner: Kale Salad with Avocado


Britton sat down to a tasty supper of kale, lemon, olive oil, avocado, and crushed chilies.

"I eat kale almost daily when it's in season. I am obsessed with it! Massaging it before eating breaks up the starches, making the leaves tender and more digestible. I pair it with avocado and lemon for healthy fats and to effectively absorb the iron it contains."

Dinner: Green Pea, Leek, and Dill Soup


Britton made this soup with green peas, leeks, garlic, vegetable broth, mustard seed, and dill as an accompaniment to her kale salad.

"This soup is a breeze to whip up and is light yet satisfying. I try to eat lots of green food at dinner if I haven't during the day, and here I haven't since breakfast."