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Delish, Dye-Free Green Recipes (No Smoothies Included)

Avocado Green Goddess Dressing & Crudite

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Forget store-bought dressing—whip up this fresh avocado magic from the Salt House instead. Serve with your fave green veggies for the ultimate healthy app.

Photo: Salt House

Homemade Spinach Wraps

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You could buy spinach wraps at the grocery story. But you can also make them yourself, especially with this surprisingly simple recipe from Katie at the Kitchen Door. Fill your sandwich with healthy goodies for a nutritious St. Patrick’s day lunch.

Photo: Katie at the Kitchen Door

Healthy Spinach Dip

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Spinach and artichoke dip is notoriously high-cal and high-fat. Our healthy makeover uses lighter cheeses and plenty of spinach and artichokes for more waistline-friendly stats. (You'll want to check out these 4 Healthy Chip and Dip Recipes while you're at it.)

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Creamy Asparagus and Pea Soup

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Asparagus and peas make this soup from The Minimalist Baker taste just like spring. And, it’s vegan and gluten-free!

Photo: The Minimalist Baker

Pomegranate-Pistachio Guacamole

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Serrano chilis and pickled jalapeños add heat to this creamy guac, while pomegranate seeds add sweetness. And the pistachio gives it a nice crunch! (Did you know pistachios are crazy good for you if you're trying to shed pounds? Check out The 50 Best Snacks for Weight Loss.)

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Avocado Deviled Eggs

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Eggs and avocado are a power food combo; Laurenda Marie has combined them into one dish with her avocado deviled eggs.

Photo: Laurenda Marie

Green Tea Vegan Ice Cream

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This vegan, dairy-free treat from Candice Kumai is made from blended frozen bananas, and gets its green hue from spinach and antioxidant-rich matcha. (No dairy? No problem! You must try these 6 Decadent Vegan Chocolate Desserts.)

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Green Shamrock Tortilla Chips

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Corey over at Family Fresh Meals uses a cookie cutter and spinach wraps to make naturally green, baked tortilla chips—in the shape of a shamrock.

Photo: Family Fresh Meals

Healthy Key Lime Pie

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This easy-to-make key lime pie requires just a handful of ingredients, and gets its creaminess from good-for-you avocados. (Plus, 5 New Things to Do With Avocado.)

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