Sure, making your own blend at home may sound complicated, but with the help of an extractor, juicing can be as easy as pushing a button. Get started with these four basic recipes (but feel free to experiment with any in–season produce!). To learn more about the health benefits of juice, how drinking it affects your weight, and how to buy an extractor, turn to page 166 in the June issue of Shape.

Pineapple Pepper Punch

(84 calories per cup) ¼pineapple, unpeeled

2 large green bell peppers, halved

1 large cucumber

Combine all ingredients in juicer. Makes 3 cups

Garden Vegetable Medley

(104 calories per cup)

¼ small head of red cabbage

4 small carrots

1 medium cucumber

4 celery stalks

Juice all ingredients together. Makes 2 cups.

Sweet–Tart Fruit Juice

(97 calories per cup)

2 1–inch wide, 8-inch long wedges watermelon, rind trimmed

½ cup raw cranberries

6 whole strawberries

Cut watermelon to fit the extractor chute and juice with cranberries and strawberries. Makes 2 cups.

Vegetable Power Juice,

(86 calories per cup)

1 4–ounce beet

1 ½ medium cucumbers

1 13– ounce fennel bulb

Lime wedge

Juice all ingredients together; add a squeeze of lime. Makes 2 cups