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Easy Dinner Idea: Cook in a Parchment Bag


The secret to juicy chicken breasts, flaky and tender fish, delicious veggie sides, and even no-mess desserts could lie in a simple roll of parchment paper. En papillote cooking—which is when you seal food into a pouch and bake it—is a classic technique that gives food lots of flavor with very little added fat and calories. And while these recipes may look (and sound) too difficult to attempt, they are actually an easy way to pull together a quick dinner without the mess that comes along afterward. Fold parchment into a pouch (the first recipe explains how), or buy a pre-made bag, then when you’re done, just toss it. Cleanup complete! Check out these three recipes to consider tonight.

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Apple Cinnamon Papillote with Cognac & Red Currants
This show-stopping dessert will wow guests—and make good use of all the apples available this time of year. Top it with lowfat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream to keep this produce-packed dessert waistline friendly.

Photo credit: PaperChef

Ginger Mango Chicken
This recipe, from the blog Jelly Toast, gives boring boneless, skinless chicken breasts a tropical makeover. 

Photo credit: Jelly Toast

Roasted Brussels Sprouts en Papillote
Keep your sheet pans clean by roasting veggies in a parchment bag. The high heat means they’ll carmelize quickly, but the sealed paper will keep them from drying out. 

Photo credit: PaperChef


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