Why fish? It takes well to grilling, cooks in no time, and it's good for your heart. So good, in fact, that nutrition experts recommend eating three to four servings a week for maximum health benefits (especially fish rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, like bluefish, mackerel and salmon).

The two marinades that follow are delicious flavor boosters for several types of fish. Just make sure you pick your fish from the accompanying environmentally friendly fish list below (see "Bon Appetit!").

Do you know which fish are endangered?

Your best environmental bet is to avoid those on our Don't Catch/Don't Eat list and stick to those listed under Bon Appetit.

Don't catch/Don't eat

Shark, swordfish, orange roughy, Atlantic groundfish (Atlantic cod, haddock, Pollock, yellowtail flounder, monkfish), some populations of salmon (including Washington state, California coast and Atlantic salmon populations such as Chinook, chum, coho and sockeye) bluefin and albacore tuna, Pacific red snapper, yaqui catfish.

Bon Appetit!

Wild Asaskan salmon, wild skipjack tuna, dolphinfish (mahi-mahi or dorado), whild striped bass, sea bass, farmed carp, farmed tilapia, farmed catfish, wild mackerel (except for king mackerel from the Gulf of Mexico)

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