By Kristen Maxwell
June 02, 2009

You want healthy barbecue recipes and healthy grilling recipes that also taste great, so check out Shape's barbecue food recommendations.

Hot dogs, ribs, potato salad…a typical plate of traditional barbecue food can weigh in at 1,500 calories-and that's before you go back for seconds. While indulging once or twice won't wreck your waistline, regular backyard get-togethers can pack on the pounds. Enjoy these healthy grilling recipes and healthy barbecue recipes so you'll stay bikini-slim all summer long.

Healthy Eating Tips for Snacks

There's nothing wrong with a little nosh before the main event - just be mindful of these healthy eating tips when you dip your chip.

Best Barbecue Food

Tortilla chips with salsa

(11 chips, 2 tbsp. dip): 151 calories, 7 g fat (Switch to a baked variety to cut 33 calories and 4 grams of fat.)

Pretty Good

Tortilla chips with guacamole

(11 chips, 2 tbsp. dip): 209 calories, 16 g fat


Potato chips with ranch dip

(11 chips, 2 tbsp. dip): 301 calories, 26 g fat

Healthy Eating Tips for the Main Course

Here's a healthy cooking tip to make grilled meat more diet-friendly: Curb portion sizes by pairing it with plenty of veggies. You'll fill up your plate, so you won't feel deprived.

Best Barbecue Food

2 beef and veggie kebabs

(with 2 oz. sirloin and 1 cup tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms): 146 calories, 11 g fat

Pretty Good

Hot dog

345 calories, 19 g fat


3 barbecue pork ribs

594 calories, 34 g fat

Healthy Eating Tips for Sides

A healthy barbecue recipe should also include grilled corn on the cob, which has a fraction of the calories in mayonnaise- or oil-drenched salads.

Best Barbecue Food

Corn on the cob

(1 ear): 59 calories, 1 g fat

Pretty Good

Pasta salad

(1 cup): 240 calories, 1 g fat


Potato salad

(1 cup): 358 calories, 21 g fat


Cocktail calories can add up fast, so choose your drink wisely.


Light beer

(12 oz.): 96 calories, 0 g fat

Pretty Good


(8 oz.): 155 calories, 0 g fat



(8 oz.): 304 calories, 0 g fat

Healthy Eating Tips for Dessert

Before making a beeline for the baked goods, pile some fruit on your plate. Because it's high in water and fiber, you'll feel more satisfied.

Best Barbecue Food


(1 wedge): 46 calories, 0 g fat

Pretty Good

Fudge brownie

(2-inch square): 112 calories, 7 g fat


Blueberry pie

(1/8 pie): 290 calories, 13 g fat

Here is more useful healthy cooking information for your delicious summer barbecues!

Discover key safety tips when creating your own healthy grilling recipes and perfect three techniques that will enhance your healthy barbecue recipes today.