The actress takes us into her kitchen to serve up tasty recipes you can easily replicate.

By Samantha Lefave

Jennifer Garner is a low-key awesome celebrity. She shares "one time at band camp" stories, reads mean tweets for Jimmy Kimmel, and now, she's taking us inside her kitchen because she decided it's about damn time she had her own cooking show. Sort of.

The actress isn't on Food Network or the Cooking Channel, but she is on Instagram, and you can tune in to her #PretendCookingShow and find healthy recipes that are simple to replicate at home. So whether you're convincing people to like kale chips so they can score these health benefits, or having a few bagel disasters because nobody gets it right every time (just ask Jen), these are the recipes we're totally stealing now. (PS: Did You Know Spinach Chips Are Also A Thing Now?)

Kale Chips

Blue corn chips are to Jennifer Garner what kryptonite is to Superman. And while we're all about indulging when you're really jonesing for a craving, Garner makes a batch of kale chips for when she's really in need of some extra crunch. Her favorite variety? Dinosaur kale. (BTW: Here's Why You Really Crave Certain Types of Foods.)

Beet Chips

If she's not in the mood for kale chips, Garner's been known to make beet chips instead. "Naturally sweet and completely addicting," she says, and you'll score tons of health benefits, like fighting inflammation and lowering your risk of cancer thanks to the veggie's antioxidant properties. (Side Note: Beet Juice Could Help You Run Faster-Here's a Recipe You Can Steal.)

Huckleberry English Muffins

Sure, English muffins likely aren't your go-to healthy breakfast option (though you could totally steal ideas from these fitness pros), but every now and then? Go for it. Make 'em from scratch like Garner does and you'll get a killer arm workout from kneading all that dough. (You Could Also Try These 15 Exercises.)

Blueberry Smoothie

To prep for her upcoming role in Peppermint, Garner paired up with nutritionist Kelly LeVeque to overhaul some of her eats. That included her daily breakfast routine, and now the actress sips on this smoothie regularly. Her genius hack? When there aren't any fresh blueberries around, she grabs Once Upon a Farm cold-pressed organic puree (Garner is the company's co-founder)….aka baby food. (Want More Smoothie Ideas? Try These 11 Recipes.)

Honey Bread Men

Homemade bread has a way of warming up your house. Garner takes it to the next level, using the leftover dough to make the most adorable honey bread men. You almost feel bad about biting the little guys' head off…almost. (Oh, and if you mess up the first time, don't worry-it happens to the best of us, even Jen.)

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