Take this list to your supermarket and stock up on all the essentials you’ll need to kick off the New Year with a week’s worth of clean meals.

By Alyssa Sparacino
December 25, 2016

Healthy eating doesn't have to be difficult. With the endless options for delicious and nutritious recipes, eating well should not only taste good, it should be easy. After all, if it's not easy, you're less likely to do it, right?

The Shape Up Your Plate healthy eating meal challenge was created for that very reason. Registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner teamed up with Shape.com to share an entire month's worth of incredibly healthy and tasty meals-we're talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And she's made it super easy for you. For the first week, you'll follow a seven-day detox plan (don't worry, the food is delicious). The rest of the month you'll still get three solid meals a day with a little guidance from Jackson Blatner on foods that focus on healthy gut balance, vegetarian dishes, and superfood ingredients.

Here you'll find your shopping list for groceries for the entire first week-snacks and treats included. That means there are zero excuses for not having what you need on hand to make a quick to-go lunch or a weeknight dinner. A lot of these items can be meal-prepped ahead of time, too, so all you have to do is cook (and to be honest, there's not much of that either). Told you this was going to be easy.

Keep in mind that the amounts listed are so you have enough to make everything for week 1, but if you want more than one banana, for example-because you're crazy like that-obviously, go for it.

Dairy and Other Refrigerated/Frozen Items

eggs (1 dozen)

plain 2% Greek yogurt (8-oz container)

unsweetened almond milk (half-gallon carton)

shredded cheddar cheese (8-oz package)

hummus (8-oz container, plain)

fresh mozzarella cheese (8-oz ball)

feta cheese (crumbled, 4-oz container)

shredded Parmesan cheese (1 container pre-shredded or 1 block)

ranch veggie dip (14-oz container, such as Marzetti Ranch Dip)

frozen peas (1 small bag)


lemons (3 fruit)

matcha green tea powder (1 small container)

kale (2 large bunches)

grapefruit (1 fruit)

berries of your choice (two 6-oz cartons)

avocados (2 fruit)

arugula (5-oz bag or plastic container)

tomatoes (4 fruit)

banana (1 fruit)

green apples (2 fruit)

red apple (1 fruit)

spinach (5-oz bag or plastic container)

cantaloupe (1 small fruit)

shredded carrots (pre-shredded, 10-oz bag)

romaine lettuce (2 large bunches)

cucumber (1 vegetable)

fresh basil (1 bunch)

green onion (1 bunch)

fresh cilantro (2 small bunches)

red bell pepper (1 vegetable)

limes (3 fruit)

ginger (1-inch root)

zucchini (1 vegetable)

white potato (1 spud)

cabbage (red or green, 1 head)

celery (1 bunch)

fresh parsley (1 bunch)

spaghetti squash (1 small squash)

sweet potatoes (2 spuds)

beet (1 vegetable)

parsnip (1 vegetable)

garlic (1 bulb)

yellow onion (1 vegetable)

broccoli (1 small head)

cauliflower (1 large head)

Meat and Fish

chicken breasts (1 1/2 pounds or 6 breasts)

salmon fillet (two 4-oz fillets)

lean ground beef (1 pound)

Pantry Essentials

cinnamon (1 jar)

sea salt (for seasoning, 1 jar)

black pepper (for seasoning, 1 jar)

honey (12-oz bottle)

nutmeg (1 jar)

red wine vinegar (1 bottle)

dried dill (1 jar)

balsamic vinegar (1 bottle)

extra-virgin olive oil (1 bottle)

turmeric (1 jar)

sesame oil (1 bottle)

dried oregano (1 jar)

Dijon mustard (8-oz jar)


almond butter (16-oz jar)

rolled oats (16-oz bag or canister)

brown rice (16-oz box or bag)

whole-grain bread (1 loaf)

sunflower seeds (1 small bag)

chia seeds (12-oz bag)

unsweetened coconut flakes (8-oz bag)

low-sodium broth-based vegetable soup (1 can)

cashews (8-oz tin or bag)

raw almonds (8-oz tin or bag)

freeze-dried berries (4-oz bag)

brown rice crackers (1 box)

dark chocolate chips (10-oz bag)

peppermint tea (1 box)

quinoa (16-oz box or bag)

black beans (1 can)

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