Attention, budgetshoppers: If you'retrying to trim yourgrocery bill, take extracare to read labels. Afterreviewing several typesof packaged food, likecookies, snack cakes, andchips, researchers at theUniversity of Minnesotafound that less expensiveitems tend to have moretrans fats than thosethat cost a little more.These processed fats,which have been shownto raise your LDL (bad)cholesterol level, may show upon ingredient lists as partiallyhydrogenated or hydrogenatedoil and shortening. While mostmanufacturers have cut backon the trans fats used in theirproducts, some still haven'tgone trans fat-free. In fact,24 percent of the itemsresearchers examined stillcontained some of the heart-unfriendlyingredient. TheAmerican Heart Associationrecommends limiting theamount of trans fat you eat toless than 1 percent of yourtotal daily calories.

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