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The High Cost of Bargain Snacks

Attention, budget
If you're
trying to trim your
grocery bill, take extra
care to read labels. After
reviewing several types
of packaged food, like
cookies, snack cakes, and
chips, researchers at the
University of Minnesota
found that less expensive
items tend to have more
trans fats than those
that cost a little more.
These processed fats,
which have been shown
to raise your LDL (bad)
cholesterol level, may show up
on ingredient lists as partially
hydrogenated or hydrogenated
oil and shortening. While most
manufacturers have cut back
on the trans fats used in their
products, some still haven't
gone trans fat-free. In fact,
24 percent of the items
researchers examined still
contained some of the heart-unfriendly
ingredient. The
American Heart Association
recommends limiting the
amount of trans fat you eat to
less than 1 percent of your
total daily calories.

Keep reading to find out which healthy snacks we swear by!


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