Lo Bosworth Just Shared a Brilliant Make-Ahead Breakfast Idea

Egg clouds are so 2016.

If you think eggs and frying pans are inseparable, time to expand your horizons. Baked eggs are extra satisfying, especially when the yolk stays a little runny. They're as fancy as poached eggs but easier to master. Baked eggs are nothing new-avocado egg boats, scrambled eggs in muffin tins, and egg clouds have each had their respective 15 minutes of fame. But there are new ways to reinvent the dish!

Lo Bosworth shared one of her favorite takes on baked eggs in a recipe she posted on her blog. She lines a muffin tin with thin slices of zucchini that cradle the eggs and crisp up in the oven. Fresh cherry tomatoes and herbs also play in (making for "a flavor festival in your mouth," in Bosworth's words). Since the zucchini slices sort of resemble flower petals, Bosworth calls her creation "egg flowers." Cute, right?

In her post, Bosworth played up a convenience factor that make these all the more appealing. They take 15 minutes to make-and you can store them in the fridge so you can grab a pre-portioned breakfast on your way out the door throughout the week. If you've got a well-worn snooze button, these can be a godsend. "If you make a batch of 12 or 24, you'll have enough egg flowers to keep your appetite in check for at least five days (I'd toss any leftovers after that period for food safety)," Bosworth writes. (Want more make-ahead options? Try these freezer meals.)

Just in case you're still not sold, the egg flowers are low-carb and gluten-free, and a smart breakfast option since eggs are high in quality protein. For the full recipe, head to Bosworth's blog.

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