Eating a clean diet doesn’t need to suck the joy out of food. Check out the eMeals app for easy meal plans that’ll make you love eating healthy. You’ll even save money in the long run!

By By Lindsay Hostert

Forget Sad Chicken and Veggies

Eating healthy doesn't mean you'll be stuck eating dry chicken and veggies, especially with the exclusive Shape meal plans you'll find on eMeals. Choose from low-calorie, low-carb, and paleo. Whether you're just starting out and trying to kick that pizza habit or looking for new healthy recipes, there's an eMeals plan that will suit your preferences. Check out the highlights from our favorite plans below:

Low-Calorie: This plan lets you eat everything from pasta to steak. The best part? Everything you'll be preparing is less than 500 calories per serving.

Low-Carb: Into the low-carb craze? Try out the low-carb meal plan that includes lots of protein and variety, so you'll never get bored.

Paleo: You won't find any grains or processed foods on this plan! The paleo plan is all about fresh veggies, fruits, and a whole lot of meat for high-energy meals.

About eMeals

The eMeals app was created for those way-too-busy people who have always wanted to meal plan but just couldn't find the time. Whether that means you're working too hard at the office or preparing meals for a crowd, eMeals has your answer. Simply download the app and choose the meal plan that fits your lifestyle best: paleo, low-calorie, gluten-free, and more. After choosing your main and side dishes, the app automatically generates a shopping list and gives you step-by-step instructions for preparing your meal. You can even get 14 days free when you download now.

Save Your Money

You're probably thinking this too-good-to-be-true app is going to leave you broke, but you'll actually end up saving money-seriously. On average, shopping without a grocery list or game plan means you'll be spending about 40 percent more than you would with a detailed list (and we've all been hangry at the grocery store before-not pretty). Additionally, the average family tosses about 25 percent of their groceries, which means people are *literally* throwing away up to $2,300 per year. So why not let eMeals do all the heavy lifting so you can save some green?

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