Sorry avocado toast, but you'll have to take a back seat to make room for ~magical~ food, a healthy, dairy-free alternative to boring, plain toast with butter.

There is no shortage of mermaid inspiration right now on Instagram: Just a quick scroll of the #mermaid hashtag and you'll find crowns, hair color, and even blankets inspired by the mythical creature. Pop culture's obsession with mermaids isn't stopping anytime soon-and now, thanks to one Instagrammer, the trend has made its way into healthy eating in the form of what she's dubbed "mermaid toast."

Created by Adeline Waugh, a food stylist at Vibrant and Pure, mermaid toast is made using "a variety of blue algae powders and liquids mixed with almond milk cream cheese," according to her Insta post. Even without trying the gorgeous snack, it's safe to say this mermaid toast is pretty good for you too. For starters, one ounce of a popular packaged almond milk cream cheese (such as Kite Hill) contains only 78 calories, 3 grams of protein, and just 3 grams of carbs.

As for the algae giving this mermaid toast its blue color? We can't be 100 percent sure which type Waugh used, but green super powder spirulina seems like an educated guess. (The food pro could have also spiked her mermaid toast with similar superfoods such as chlorella, which also comes from blue-green algae, or plant powders such as moringa, matcha, and wheatgrass.) In its liquid form, 2 teaspoons of spirulina is just 15 calories but has an impressive 3 grams of protein (that's half of what you'd find in an egg). Some studies have also shown spirulina may reduce inflammation (unlike these foods, which cause it), boost immunity, and even help burn fat.

If you can't get your hands on spirulina but want to whip up your own mermaid toast, don't sweat it-you can use matcha, moringa and the like for a nutritional boost. Chlorella is rich in energizing vitamin B12, while matcha is packed with the same metabolism-boosting antioxidants as its cousin, green tea.

The only thing prettier, perhaps, are what look like edible 24-karat gold flecks strewn on top of this foodie masterpiece. And if that isn't glam enough for you mermaids, we're not sure what is.