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The Most Popular Foods By City, According to Instagram

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As much as we love the daily dose of inspirational celebrity fitness Instagrams, it's the decadent food 'grams that really get us salivating—and itching to go on an international food tour stat. (Seriously—check out the 20 Foodie Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following.)

Thanks to geotagging and a wealth of #foodporn, we can do just that (at least virtually). Photo printing company Photoworld created an interactive map based on where certain foods were tagged most often on Instagram. And if you think the most popular location to post photogenic sushi or Bahn Mi is pretty duh, know this: Almost all of the most popular foods are in fact not the cuisine of a particular country, proving that people are branching out of their traditional fare around the world. Now everyone's a foodie!

Check out some of the most delicious destinations, according to Instagram below.

Bangkok: Macarons
Look out Laudree. Bangkok and Seoul are putting a South Asian spin on the quintessential Parisian macaron. Both cities outranked Paris with their pics of this sweet treat.

London: Pulled Pork
The Texans are coming! The Texans are coming! Brits are finally taking a cue from the American south with London beating out the U.S. southern states for the most #pulledpork pics.

Tokyo: Curry
Japan is capturing the most #curry images. In fact, Tokyo and Osaka are responsible for over 15 percent of the world's curry grams, according to Photoworld's map.

Los Angeles: Sushi
It's no surprise that LA has earned some serious culinary clout, especially when it comes to fish. What is surprising is that they've stolen the sushi show from Japan. The west coast far outranked Tokyo for all #sushi photos.

(Make sure your order is on point the next time you're out at your favorite Japanese spot—check out The Best and Worst Sushi for Weight Loss.)

Seoul and Singapore: Churros
Craving some Spanish-inspired snacks? Head to East Asia. Seoul and Singapore both ranked in the top five cities for sweet Spanish churros. Deliciosa!

Melbourne: Bahn Mi
The Aussies have a surprising knack for Asian-inspired cuisine. With its large Vietnamese population, Melbourne snags the top spot for Banh Mi, the iconic Vietnamese sandwich.

New York City: Pizza
NYC is killing the culinary game! The Big Apple made it into the top five cities for all but three of Instagram's most popular foods. In addition to showcasing the international smorgasborg, Instagram has also put an end to the #newyork vs. #chicago pizza debate. New York pizza pics popped up three times more than Chicago deep dish, and even beat out images from Naples and Rome.

(Use one of these 10 Healthy Pizza Recipes for your own NYC-style pie at home.)


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