Unicorn noodles are the latest colorful food everyone is Instagramming.

Chances are you've noticed the rainbow food trend taking over Instagram. You saw colorful "unicorn lattes" blowing up your feed earlier this year. Then, the trend evolved into unicorn tears and mermaid toast. Next up? Unicorn noodles.

Not only do they create the most beautiful dish you've ever seen, but these noodles are healthy, vegan, and gluten-free too. If you aren't wowed just yet, the recipe, created by food blogger A.J. of The Indigo Kitchen, only calls for three simple ingredients: clear or white noodles, purple cabbage, and lime or lemon juice. That means no artificial coloring.

The trick to creating the perfect shade of blue? Soak the noodles in cabbage-cooked water. And if you want shades of pink in your dish, just squeeze lemon or lime juice over the noodles. Purple cabbage has a pigment called anthocyanin that turns colors when it comes into contact with acidic or alkaline foods, A.J. explains. Of course, you can up the pigments (and nutrients) by adding avocado, carrots, and more.