It's the perfect way to liven up your bowl of greens.

By Faith Brar

Thinking of ways to make your salads more Insta-worthy? Cue: Millennial pink lettuce-the latest food trend to sweep the internet.

According to Eater, the lettuce is actually called Radicchio del Veneto, aka La Rosa del Veneto. It's pink chicory, grown mostly in Italy, but also stateside in recent years. (P.S. This pink ombré berry banana smoothie will make you all kinds of happy.)

The plant gets its unique color from the way it's grown, so there's no artificial coloring involved. The process is called "forcing," which means that it's grown for a certain amount of time and harvested in the fall, replanted, and grown in the dark, sometimes covered by sand. The chlorophyll in the plant can't absorb any sunlight to develop its green color. So instead, the lettuce is left with the pinkish hue that would usually be concealed by the green. (Related: 10 Colorful Salad Recipes for the Spring)

Hit up your local Whole Foods or farmers' market to see what the hype is about.


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