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Pretty Parfaits That Are Almost Too Gorgeous to Eat

Pretty In Purple

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This stacked beauty is layered with beet-power overnight oats (genius!), granola, puffed cereal, Greek yogurt, berry-flavored smoothie mix, and purple corn flakes (the color comes from purple corn crops, not food dye). The whole thing is topped with freeze-dried pineapple, a chocolate cookie, more granola, a drizzle of coconut butter, and even a gummy vitamin! Whew, that's a mouthful—literally.

Photo: @drinksmartfruit/Instagram

Color-Blocked Cherry

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This bold parfait is simple yet stylish. (Yes, we think a parfait can be stylish.) Coconut yogurt on the bottom half of a mason jar is topped with a smoothie made with papaya and cherry for a rich, bold color. Top with a sprinkle of fresh ginger and fresh cherries to make it instantly Instagrammable.

Photo: @8thandlake/Instagram

Cake In a Jar

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This dessert recipe is quite literally cake in a jar. The layers: Cake pieces, strawberry jam (from local and garden-grown berries no less), and whipped coconut cream that houses a secret superfood boost thanks to powdered Baobab fruit.

Photo: @myberryforest/Instagram

Honey Pot Parfait

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Oats and chia seeds are soaked in mango-flavored milk, and then topped with smoothie mix, yogurt, granola, blueberries, and get this—bits of protein bar on top. This mash-up will satisfy your mid-morning cravings instantly.

Photo: @lucky__peach/Instagram

More Mango, Please

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Mango on everything is the motto for summer, as this naturally delicious fruit is in season right now—get it before it's only found in jars. (See: 12 Delicious and Healthy Mango Recipes.) This mango breakfast parfait knows what's up. Just spoon alternating layers of soy yogurt, granola, and pureed mango in a cup or jar and top with nuts, seed, and the fruit of your choice.

Photo: @carine_eva/Instagram

Paleo Parfait Perfection

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Light on the yogurt, heavy on the crunch and fruit, this parfait is vegan, gluten-free, and Paleo to meet just about anyone's dietary needs. Just three ingredients—coconut yogurt, granola, and fresh apricots—and you have yourself one gorgeous breakfast.

Photo: @wallfloweraimee/Instagram

Chia Seed Rainbow

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OK, so we're not totally sure what's in this parfait, but it's just so pretty we'll wing it. What looks like three different flavors of chia seed pudding (maybe almond, berry, and matcha) are layered and topped with pomegranate, berries and coconut flakes. Put your own twists on the flavors and toppings, but any way you make it, this one's a beaut! (Want more yummy chia? These 17 Chia Seed Pudding Recipes Taste Better Than Dessert.)

Photo: @pycoshawa/Instagram

Pastel Protein

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Puffed quinoa and buckwheat offer filling fiber and protein—the essentials of any healthy breakfast. Layer with coconut yogurt, sliced peaches, and a homemade compote or jam made from mashed banana, strawberries, and ginger for serious flavor.

Photo: @nourishmemum/Instagram

Muesli Mmmm

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This recipe is for days when you can't decide between cereal and yogurt. Muesli is basically granola's raw cousin. The cereal is loaded with grains, seeds, and nuts without any binder or added sugar. Greek yogurt and passion fruit make it look both mouthwatering and picture-worthy and sliced banana and coconut flakes fill the jar to the top.

Photo: @jocelynshan_/Instagram


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