We asked Mitzi Dulan, registered dietician and co-author of The All-Pro Diet, for quick, healthy breakfast ideas for the entire workweek.

Are cereal bars leaving you uninspired--and tired by 10 a.m.? Here is Mitzi's challenge: Each healthy breakfast idea can only take 10 minutes (or less) to prepare and must be packed with enough nutrients to get you through the morning. Here's what meals that are chock full of healthy foods she came up with (blender not included).


Cure your case of the Mondays--and avoid your coworker's cold--with an immune-boosting smoothie. Simply toss all of the ingredients into a blender, hit the button and then drink your way to a healthy week. Note: If regular milk isn't your thing, swap for soy milk.

Healthy food list:

1/2 banana

1 cup frozen fruit

1 scoop whey protein powder

2 carrots

Handful of fresh baby spinach

1 cup 1% organic milk

Calorie count: 300


Get an early start in warding off heart disease and keeping your cholesterol at a healthy level with a morning dose of fiber. Add a handful of blueberries-a great source of antioxidants-to a small bowl of oatmeal. Boil an egg for a side of protein (feel free to cut out the yolk).

List of healthy foods:

1 cup oatmeal

½ cup blueberries

1 egg

Calorie count: 225

Discover what tasty healthy foods you'll enjoy on Wednesday through Friday.

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Registered dietician and co-author of The All-Pro Diet, Mitzi Dulan, shares quick and healthy breakfast ideas for your Wednesday through Friday.


It's hump day! Get yourself over the midweek hurdle with an energy-boosting vegetable scramble. This quick meal is about as easy as pouring a box of cereal: Just mix the eggs and milk in a bowl, toss it into a pan coated with walnut oil, add the other ingredients and jumble them all together with a fork until you have a pile of fluffy eggs and veggies.

List of healthy foods:

1 teaspoon walnut oil

3 eggs (2 whites and 1 with yolk)

3 tablespoons 1% organic milk

1 cup fresh baby spinach

1 cup chopped bell peppers (any color)

Calorie count: 270


Keep your digestive system healthy with probiotics--"good" bacteria that protect the intestine and help treat stomach/bowel problems. Another bonus: These live organisms can also prevent yeast infections, making them well worth a slot in your dietary lineup. Tip: Use Greek yogurt for less sugar and twice as much protein as regular brands. Slice a kiwi on top for vitamins A, C and E--not to mention extra flavor.

List of healthy foods:

5.3 oz Oikos Greek Yogurt

1 kiwi

Calorie count: 180


Lunch for breakfast? Well, this certainly isn't your typical a.m. fare. End the week with a mix of lean protein, fruit and fiber with a lean ham sandwich stuffed with thinly sliced apple. If you feel strange eating ham for breakfast, consider this: A few low-fat slices are a lot healthier than a slab of bacon. This is also a great on-the-go meal, so stash it in your briefcase if you're running late.

List of healthy foods:

Oroweat Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread (thin)

3 slices minimally processed ham

2 teaspoons light mayo

1 apple

Calorie count: 250