In-Season Pick: Chestnuts

"Enjoy chestnuts with justa sprinkle of salt," suggests Ethan McKee, head chef at the Rock Creekrestaurant in Washington, D.C. Or try one of his holiday-inspired ideas:

  • As a side dish
    Sauté 2 choppedshallots and 2 chopped garlic cloves in1 tbsp. olive oil. Add 2 cups peeledchestnuts, 2 cups brussels sprouts,and 1 cup chicken broth; simmer untilbroth has evaporated, 12 to 15 minutes.Season with salt and pepper. Serves 4.
  • As a soup
    Sauté ½ cup each choppedonion and celery in olive oil. Stir in 2 cupspeeled chestnuts, 3 cups vegetablebroth, 4 sprigs of thyme tied together,and salt and pepper to taste. Simmeruntil chestnuts fall apart, about 30minutes. Remove herbs. Serves 6.
  • As a spread
    Combine 3 cups peeledchestnuts, ½ cup sugar, and ¼ tsp. seasalt in a pan with ¼ cup water. Cook 30minutes over medium-low heat, stirringoften. Mix in ¼ cup rum. Transfer to smalljars; refrigerate for up to a month. Serveon bread or over waffles. Makes 4 cups.

In 10 Roasted Chestnuts: 206 Calories, 2 G Fat, 22 MG Vitamin C, 497 MG Potassium

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