• As a starter
    Peel and dice half agrapefruit, removing the seeds andreserving the juice. Layer 2 cups ofBoston lettuce with grapefruit sections,¼ cup toasted walnut halves, and 2tbsp. blue cheese. Drizzle the top withthe reserved juice and 1 tsp. olive oil.
  • As an entreé
    Dust a 6-oz. salmon filetwith cumin, ground coriander, salt, andpepper. Add to a pan with ½ cup slicedbutton mushrooms and 4 sprigs cilantro,chopped. Cook on medium heat for 2-3minutes per side. Top with 5 diced grapefruitsegments and serve.

  • As a dessert
    Add segments from 2grapefruits to saucepan with ½ cupeach of sugar and water. Cook onmedium-high heat for 30 minutes.Remove from heat; add 1 whole clove.Serve 2 tbsp. over fat-free angel foodcake, light ice cream, or a citrus sorbet.

In One Red Grapefruit: 103 Calories, 0 Grams Fat, 77 Milligrams Vitamin C, 3.5 MG Lycopene