In-Season Pick: Plums

At their peak, "black plums have a sweet, jam-like flavor, while red varieties are tangier, with a mildly acidic kick," says Anthony Amoroso, executive chef at Michael Mina Bellagio in Las Vegas.

  • for breakfast
    Place 3 diced plums in a saucepan with ½ cup sugar, ¾ cup water, a pinch of ground cardamom, and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Cook over low heat for 12 minutes. Let cool. Fold 2 tbsp. into 1 cup lowfat Greek yogurt. Sprinkle with 2 tbsp. granola.

  • in a salad
    Toss 2 halved plums with 1 tsp. olive oil, 1?8 tsp. salt, and leaves from 1 sprig of thyme. Grill 1 ½ minutes per
    side. Place 2 cups arugula, 1 oz. shaved pecorino cheese, and ¼ cup hazelnuts in a bowl. Top with plums; drizzle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

  • as an entrée
    Preheat oven to 350°F. Split 3 plums and toss with 1 tsp. olive oil. Roast halves in oven until soft, about 8 minutes. While still warm, toss with 1 tbsp. honey and ½ tsp. chopped fresh rosemary. Serve over a grilled chicken breast and ½ cup cooked quinoa.

In two plums: 61 Calories, 207 MG Potassium, 455 IU Vitamin A, 2 G Fiber

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