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Shape's Healthy Snack Awards 2009


Close your eyes and picture
a fridge and pantry stocked with
yummy munchies that easily fit into a
healthy diet. That's no food fantasy:
It's the kitchen at the Shape offices.
Over the past few months, a group of
editors and readers have noshed
their way through hundreds of new
products and selected the 27 must eat
treats of the year. As always,
flavor and the satisfaction factor were
major considerations, but we also
made sure each product met our
strict nutritional standards (see below). And to make it even
easier for you to find the perfect
snack, we split the finalists into three
calorie categories: 100 or less, 150 or
less, and 200 or less. Fill your cart
with our picks and you'll always
have a delicious winner on hand.

What Makes a Product a Shape Best-Snack Winner?

> 200 calories or less (except the
mini meals)

> 0 grams of trans fat and no more
than 3.5 grams of saturated fat

> No more than 400 milligrams
of sodium (except mini meals)

> No high-fructose corn syrup

> Calorie-controlled portions, whole
grains, little added sugar, and extra
vitamins or minerals all got
special consideration


Lindsay Garlic
Seasoned Olives

(63 calories, 6 g fat per 1 oz. can)

"Eating these is a
healthier way to
satisfy my salt
cravings than
downing a bag of
chips," said one
tester. The pitted
black olives are high
in oleic acid, a type
of monounsaturated
fat that may lower
cholesterol and
help you feel fuller.
($3 for 4)

Snappy Apple

(50 calories,
0 g fat per 3 oz.

Made from a blend
of organic apples
(with no added
sugar), this tangy
treat is portable.
Just pull it out of
your gym tote, twist
off the lid, and
squeeze. One tester
said, "Tastes like the
stuff my mom
makes." ($1 each)

Popchips Salt &

(100 calories, 3 g fat per 1 oz. bag)

They're not baked
or fried—these
potato crisps are
"popped." The
result: an ultra-crunchy
snack with
50 percent less fat
than regular chips.
One tester said, "I'd
definitely put these
on my picnic menu."
($1 each)

Garden Lites

(70 calories,
3 g fat per 7 oz.

This saucy, veggie-packed
serves up 20
percent of the
vitamin C you need
in a day. One tester
noted, "It looked
and tasted like
pasta, so I felt like I
was splurging on a
carb-rich dish."
($4 each)

Chocolate Milk

(100 calories,
2 g fat per 8 oz.

Break out the bendy
straw! Sweetened
with sucralose, each
bottle provides a
third of your daily
calcium. One
panelist said, "I liked
this so much I
started drinking it as
an afternoon pick-me-up—just like I
did after school as a
kid." ($5 for 4)


Kettle Cuisine
Organic Carrot &
Coriander Soup

(100 calories,
4 g fat per 10 oz.

"Thick, rich, and
seasoned," said one
tester. And that's
with just 300
milligrams of
sodium—far less
than what's in most
packaged soups.
It's dairy- and
gluten-free too.
($4 each)

Cabot Reduced
Fat Cheddar with
Omega-3 DHA

(70 calories, 5 f fat for 1 oz.)

One ounce contains
20 percent of the
omega-3 fatty acids
you need daily. And
since they come
from plant sources
rather than fish,
vegetarians can get
their cheddar fix too.
One tester said, "I
could not tell it was
lowfat." ($3 for a
6 oz. block)

Jell-O With
Raspberry Goji

(10 calories, 0 g fat per 3 oz. cup)

This is the kind of
jiggle we can
embrace! Goji berry
makes the flavor
more sophisticated
than sweet. One
tester said: "Cool
and refreshing—with a dollop of
lowfat whipped
cream, it made the
perfect after-dinner
treat." ($4 for 6)

Das Caramelini
Café Cortado

(62 calories, 3 g fat for 2 pieces)

These candies,
made with brewed
espresso and
crushed coffee
beans and dusted
with sea salt, were a
huge hit. In fact,
Shape's entire art
team was addicted.
Their verdict: "These
are incredible—rich and chewy.
Can we get more?"
($7 for 4 oz.)

Emerald Nuts
100 Calorie
Packs Cocoa
Roast Almonds

(100 calories, 8 g fat per 1 oz. bag)

There are about 17
nuts in each pouch,
enough to satisfy
your sweet tooth
and give you
20 percent of your
daily vitamin E.
According to one
tester, "They're like
peanuts without
the guilt." ($4 for 7)


Sahale Snacks
Glazed Nuts

(150 calories, 10 g fat per 1/4 cup)

Roasted cashews
are paired with
dried pomegranate,
apple, citrus zest,
and vanilla bean to
create a treat that's
sweet and salty.
"The combo was so
tasty," said one
tester, "I needed only
a few clusters to
feel satisfied."
($5 for a 4 oz. bag)

South Beach
Living Fiber Fit
Granola Bars

(120 calories, 4 g fat per 1 oz. bar)

You'll get a
whopping 9 grams
of fiber per bar—
that's 36 percent of
your daily needs.
"But you'll swear
you're eating a real,
s'more," said one
tester. "The only
thing missing is the
campfi re." ($4 for 8)

Del Monte
Peach Chunks
in Pomegranate
Orange Juice

(120 calories, 0 g fat per 8 oz. cup)
Refreshing! "My
kids had them as a
snack, I added the
chunks to my salad,
and my husband
served them over
a Belgian waffle,"
said one tester.
($3 each)

Kashi TLC Snack
Cracker Packs
Original 7 Grain

(130 calories,
3 g fat per
1 oz. bag)

Testers loved eating
these whole-grain
snack crackers with
dips, toppings—or
on their own. "Very
hearty but not dry,"
said one. "They taste
wholesome and
natural, not overly
processed like some
others on the shelf."
($3 for 6)

Weight Watchers

(120 calories,
4 g fat per 1 oz. brownie)

Our testers said this
fudgy treat—made
with real chocolate
chips—has a justbaked
flavor. "I like
that each brownie
is individually
wrapped; it helps
you stick to one,"
said a staffer. And
each has 4 grams of
fi ber. ($3 for 4)


Popcorn Clusters

(120 calories, 2 g fat per 1 oz. bag)

With 20 percent
of your daily
calcium and fiber,
these whole-grain
bunches are truly
a smart choice.
One reviewer said,
"This is the perfect
movie snack—it's
popcorn and candy
rolled into one!"
($3 for 5)


(140 calories, 6 g fat for 1 oz.)

These wavy corn
crisps contain a full
serving of whole
grains and about
30 percent less fat
than other chips, so
you won't feel bad
about munching on
them. One tester
raved, "So delicious,
it's hard to believe
they're healthy."
($4 for a 10 oz. bag)

Yoplait YoPlus
Blueberry Açaí

(110 calories,
2 g fat per 4 oz.

Testers loved the
consistency and
big berry taste. "I
usually buy Greek
varieties to get that
ultrathick texture,"
said one tester.
"But this is my new
favorite—and less pricey—
($3 for 4)

Quaker True
Dark Chocolate

(140 calories, 4 g fat per 1 oz. bar)

What makes these
so, well, delightful?
According to one
tester, "you can
actually see big
chunks of fruit,
chocolate, and nuts
in every bar." Plus,
each one has
3 grams of filling
fi ber. ($3 for 5)

Digestive Health
Cottage Cheese

(135 calories, 5 g fat per 3/4 cup)

A serving of this
protein-rich snack
delivers one billion
active probiotic
cultures (good-for you
bacteria). "It's
extremely rich and
creamy," said one
tester. "This would
go well with
cantaloupe and
peaches." ($2 for a
16 oz. tub)


Zone Perfect
Nutrition Bars
Dark Chocolate

(180 calories, 5 g fat per 2 oz. bar)

With 12 grams of
protein and over a
dozen vitamins and
minerals, this is a
superfilling and
nutritious snack.
One tester raved
about the "real
coffee flavor and
texture," while
another said she'd
occasionally swap it
in for breakfast.
($6 for 5)

Kellogg's Special K
Protein Shake
French Vanilla

(180 calories,
5 g fat per 10 oz. bottle)

Packed with
protein, fiber
(5 grams), vitamins,
and minerals, this
takes the edge off
hunger. "I sipped
on one at work, and
it kept me full
until I got home at
8 p.m.," said one
staffer. "Not feeling
ravenous made it
easier to choose a
healthy dinner
option." ($6 for 4)

Amy's Organic
Cakes Orange

(180 calories,
6 g fat per 2 oz. slice)

This vegan-friendly,
citrus-flavored cake
comes in a box, not
fresh from the oven,
but our testers
couldn't tell the
difference. "Moist
and not too sweet.
My pastry chef
roommate even
gave it two thumbs
up!" said one
commenter. ($4 for
an 11 oz. loaf)

Kozy Shack
Ready Grains

(190 calories,
2 g fat per 7 oz. container)

A high-fiber mix of
oats, barley, and
brown rice is
blended with lowfat
milk and brown
sugar. It heats in the
microwave in 60
seconds (or you can
eat it straight from
the fridge). "This
tasted like pancakes
in a bowl," said one
tester. "And it's easy
to toss in your bag
to bring to work."
($4 for 2)

Kellogg's Frosted
Mini-Wheats Little
Bites Honey Nut

(190 calories, 1g fat for 46 pieces)

"I couldn't decide
which I liked
these with milk or
nibbling them one
by one," said a
tester about this
whole-grain cereal.
It's rich in B
vitamins and iron
and has 6 grams of
fiber per serving.
The bites are also
delicious mixed into
plain yogurt. ($4 for
a 15 oz. box)


Healthy Choice All Natural Entrées Pumpkin
Squash Ravioli

(300 calories, 6 g fat, 600 mg sodium
per 9 oz. package)

Gourmet-style ravioli go healthy with pumpkin
filling, plus a topping made with chunks of squash,
asparagus, and apples. You get a full serving of
vegetables in this dish, plus 6 grams of fiber. ($2 each)

Lean Cuisine Cheddar Potatoes With Broccoli

(230 calories, 5 g fat, 640 mg sodium
per 10 oz. package)

Potatoes top the list of our favorite comfort
foods—and they're even better when they come
with cheddar cheese. This guilt-free version serves up
nearly 900 milligrams of heart-healthy potassium
and a quarter of your daily calcium needs. ($3 each)


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