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Spice Blends That Add Flavor to Your Boring Meal Prep Lunches

Main Squeeze

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Entube Chili Pastes give a hit of complex spiciness wherever you need it. Stir harissa, Indian curry, or umeboshi plum paste into dishes while you prep, or add a dab before you dine to brighten up a sandwich or a grain bowl (like these healthy power bowl recipes).


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Mediterranean Bliss

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A super flavorful spread of za’atar, olive oil, and sesame seeds, Zesty Z works on sandwiches or salads, with cheese and fruit—the options are endless.

($30 for three 8 oz. jars;

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Veggies' Best Bud

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Urban Accents Asian Curry & Honey Veggie Roaster is made specifically for your no-meat meals. Honey, cumin, red pepper, peppercorns, sugar, onions and spices bring out the natural complex richness in your garden eats.


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Fancy Flakes

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Your new desk-drawer essential: the Hamptons Salt Company Flavor Seeker Collection. This set of five mini jars includes seasoned salts like Black Truffle, Smoked Hickory, and Ghost Pepper—all equally happy on any dish you're devouring. (FYI, your doctor might want you to eat more salt if you have this common condition.)


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Global Entry

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The RawSpiceBar Monthly Flavor Kit sends you three mixes in the mail every 30 days. You’ll be introduced to flavors from a variety of places, including Germany, India, and western Africa, plus cooking techniques and recipes.

(From $7 a month;

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Hot and Crunchy

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Adding granola with savory spices instead of sweet flavors is a fresh way to invigorate your lunch. Sprinkle Bad Seed Chili Granola—packed with three types of chili powder—on your salad, yogurt, or avocado toast.


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To Spike Your Smoothie

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Dial up your drink with ginger, lemon and orange peels, and holly-hock in the Just Spices Smoothie Boost. (Use this how-to infographic to whip up a perfect smoothie every time.)


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