By Renee Woodruff
August 22, 2011

Traveling often calls for chaos, last-minute packing, and if you're anything like me, a mad dash to the grocery store to acquire the necessary things to keep the good ole tummy tied over to prevent indulging in unhealthy airport food. So, for all of my fellow travelers out there, you're gonna love this handy snack guide that I've pulled together with the help of foodie-expert, Food Network Star and bestselling author, Lisa Lillien. Like most of us, Lisa is obsessed with food. So she turned her obsession into a newsletter filled with tips, tricks and nutrition advice, and just like that, the Hungry Girl was born! Here are some ideas co-inspired between Lisa and I on what to pack in your carry-on in preparation for the next flight you're boarding.

Great Snacks on the Go:

1. Apples. Wash, wrap in paper towel and put into a plastic baggie. Lisa loves Fujis.

2. Individual packets of oatmeal. I love Nature's Path. Instant Miso soup is also a healthy, easy snack. Just ask for hot water on the plane and voila!

3. Tea. I bring my own because I have specific brands I like (Yogi). Try Chamomile to help relax. Again, just ask for some hot water.

4. Freeze Dried Fruit. Try Funky Monkey. The go-to's that are all-too accessible like dried fruits, nuts and trail mix can be dangerously high in calories.

5. 100 Calorie Packs. Lisa suggests almonds, pistachios or cookies if you want something sweet.

6. Energy Bars. I'm addicted to Special K, Luna and Zone bars. Lisa loves the new Kashi Layered Granola Bars in Peanutty Dark Chocolate. She also recommends Corazonas Oatmeal Squares.

8. Jerky. Jerky is the perfect snack to keep you satisfied, because it's high in protein and low in fat and calories.

7. Healthy sweets. For a sweet treat try VitaTops, 100 Calorie sweet choices, or the new Skinny Cow candies -- they are delicious!

And finally, don't forget to pack gum, mints, and a tooth brush and tooth paste in your carry on. All three will kill cravings. For gum, Lisa recommends Extra's Dessert Sensations (especially the new apple pie flavor).

Signing Off Tied Over Until Landing,