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Little Bits Of

You guys, we might have found our new favorite snack. It comes courtesy of the delightful blog Little Bits Of, and it's a healthier and delicious alternative to all that fancy toast people are obsessed with. Here's the deal.

What you need: A sweet potato and a toaster.

What you do: Slice the sweet potato into quarter-inch-thick pieces (they should look kind of like toast) and pop them into the toaster. After two rounds on the highest setting, they're ready to eat--after adding toppings like avocado or almond butter, of course.

Why you should do it: For one thing, sweet potatoes are delicious. For another, they're way more nutritious than bread. (Sweet potatoes are a fantastic source of calcium, potassium and vitamins A and C.)

All that's left to do is Instagram your creation and wait for the likes to roll in.

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