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Take the 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge


Say sayonara to liquid diets—there's a new (healthier!) way to score a flat stomach and clear mind in just a few days (and it doesn't involve spending $60 a day or drinking solely through a straw). The idea is simple: Nix all processed foods and shoot for a #CleanEatingStreak.

Eating clean generally refers to upping your intake of fresh produce and ditching anything that comes out of a can or wrapper, including seemingly healthy things like protein bars and almond milk. By filling your body strictly with fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meats, and whole grains, you're giving your system a break from irritating (and bloating!) chemicals and additives.

The payoff: You'll have a flatter stomach, clearer mind, and maybe even lose a few pounds. The best part is you'll see the benefits almost immediately—which is why we're challenging you to a seven-day clean eating streak.

Starting Sunday, we want you to try your hardest to stick to the rules and recipes we've outlined below. You already eat healthy, so transitioning to a clean diet will just mean a few tweaks to your daily diet. And since part of being healthy is also being happy, we've created real world rules (wine is on the grocery list!).

Don't believe us that just seven days is enough to de-bloat and discover a new level of feeling healthy? Go ahead, try the challenge and prove us wrong. But we're pretty confident you'll feel so amazing after one week that your clean eating streak will turn into a permanent eating philosophy.

Just like with a new workout, you have to learn your way around this new routine before you can jump into it. Check out our guidelines around what you should be trying to eliminate, as well as a few tricks to make sticking to a clean eating diet easier.

The Rules of Our 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge

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And now for the good stuff. We have almost 60 mouth-watering and satisfying recipes for you to choose from for the next seven days. Mix and match your meals from these options:

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Sometimes your stomach (or mind) doesn't yearn for the traditional meal group. We've got a few snacks to satisfy your cravings without breaking your #CleanEatingStreak, and even a few workout moves to take on to feel even better!

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Want the quick and dirty of what this week-long challenge will entail?

Free Clean Eating Challenge


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