Healthier Talenti is now a reality.

By Renee Cherry
February 06, 2018
Photo: Talenti

If you love the idea of low-cal ice cream but are more of a gelato person, Talenti's got you. The company just dropped new flavors that are lower in calories and sugar than its other gelato offerings. The three new flavors each have 120 calories per 1/2-cup serving versus 170 to 260 calories per serving in its other gelatos. There's cinnamon-steeped vanilla gelato with a cinnamon swirl, mint with chocolate cookie pieces, and dark chocolate with a fudge swirl. (In other healthy dessert news, Halo Top just released seven new dairy-free flavors.)

In addition to being lower in calories, the new flavors are also lower in sugar: Each one falls in the range of 9g to 10g of sugar per serving, compared to the 23g to 31g of sugar in Talenti's other gelatos. They're sweetened with a combo of erythritol, sugar, and monk fruit juice concentrate, which accounts for the lower calorie count. (Related: Breakfast Ice Cream Is Now a Thing-and It's Actually Good for You)

The new flavors are Talenti's answer to the low-cal ice creams like Halo Top and Enlightened that have quickly gained popularity as healthy alternatives. (Here's our complete guide to healthy ice cream varieties.) Talenti's new flavors are slightly higher in calories and lower in protein than their popular ice cream counterparts, but for a gelato lover, the extra richness will be a worthy trade-off.