They're seriously magical.

By Faith Brar
June 15, 2017

While most of us feel seriously accomplished if we carefully garnish our smoothie bowls with some chia seeds and berries, New Zealand blogger Hazel Zakariya transforms her breakfast into works of art. She started her unique passion with birds and nature scenes but has recently been paying tribute to Harry Potter fans-and the end product is basically museum-worthy. (Related: This Yoga Teacher Held a Harry Potter Yoga Class for Halloween)

After a friend suggested she try creating Harry-Potter-inspired smoothie bowls, the foodie and artist decided to take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out what house she'd be in. Turns out she'd be a Ravenclaw so she decided to create a bowl with the house's logo. (Related: These Fruit Boats Will Make You Never Want to Eat Out of a Bowl Again)

It was such a hit with her followers that she decided to a series as an ode to all the wizard-lovers out there starting with Hufflepuff:

Then Slytherin:

And finally everyone's favorite: Gryffindor:

Believe it or not, each one of Zakaria's smoothies is made with natural ingredients-so no artificial coloring. She even lists the ingredients below each post for proof. Using colorful powders like turmeric, cacao and mesquite powder, her artistic breakfasts are just as healthy as they are stunning.