Get your forks ready: The specialty food trade show gave us a glimpse of what edible crazes we can expect this year, and our taste buds are psyched


Sick of kale chips and sriracha flavored everything? You're in luck: The 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS) wrapped up in San Francisco last week and left us with a taste of what mouth-watering trends we can expect in kitchens this year. Some 1400 exhibitors-including both your favorite food giants and independent local cuisiniers-revealed their latest edible creations. With rows and rows of gourmet olive oils, organic granolas, exotic salsas, and more spice combinations than anyone ever though possible, the WFFS brought America a pretty thorough sneak peak into the trends we'll see popping up this year. Check out the five we're most excited about. (What other foods are going to be huge in 2015? See The New Wave of Superfoods.)

Cheesy Everything


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If you thought Roquefort and Emmental were fancy cheeses, hold on to your hat: Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger-complete with bacon bits and beef and grill flavorings-is one of the more drool-inducing flavors revealed by artisan cheese company Yancey's Fancy, followed closely by a cow's milk cheese hand-rubbed with Earl Grey tea from Utah-based Beehive Cheese Company. There was also Manchego cheese-flavored olive oil, a whole lot of cheesy crackers, and the very promising new Caramel & Cheddar Mix popcorn flavor from Angie's delicious Boomchickapop line.

Breakfast All Day


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You shouldn't have sugar for breakfast, but having some breakfast with your sugar? Chuao Chocolatier revealed a line of gourmet breakfast-flavored chocolate bars, including strawberries and waffles covered in chocolate, and cinnamon toast cereal also (thankfully) covered in chocolate. And the non-chocoholics can enjoy Bandito Loco Spicy Coffee Beef Jerky, Cinnamon Toast HiCaf Tea, and even delicious cold brew coffee straight off the supermarket shelves (Califia Farms' Cold Brew now comes in Dirty Chai, Mocha Mexica and Triple Shot flavors.) (It works both ways! Check out 8 "Dinner Foods" You Should Eat for Breakfast.)

Time For Turmeric


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We love the yellow spice for its anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant properties, and now we can enjoy it in everything: The pungent root was in snack food (Turmeric Tamari Almonds), soda (Passion Fruit Ginger Ale with Turmeric), and even grains (Turmeric Rice). And let's not forget the traditional way to enjoy spices and herbs: Two of our favorite tea companies featured new blends, with Numi Organic Tea's Turmeric Teasans and Rishi Tea's Turmeric Ginger variety. (Learn more about turmeric: 4 Health Benefits of Fall Spices.)

Cruciferous Crunch


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Tired of kale chips? Trade them for their veggie brethren: Wonderfully Raw showcased their Tamarind Almond Crunch Brussel Bytes, Snip Chips had parsnip chips, Creative Snacks with Broccoli Chips, while Alive & Radiant introduced Veggie Krunch in arugula-cabbage, sweet onion and Roots Confetti versions. And coming soon is Dipperz, a chip made of a mash of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot-the brand says they pack one pound of veggies into every bag. No excuse for not getting your five-a-day now! (Need something to dip those with? Check out Skinny Dipping: 4 Healthy Chips + Dips.)

Vanilla Bean


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Vanilla beans, not just for your ice cream anymore (although we're not complaining about the single-origin vanilla ice creams Choctal showcased): The show featured vanilla bean shortbread cookies, white chocolate with bourbon vanilla, even hemp milk with blue-green algae and vanilla. And Heber Valley Artisan Cheese was able to combine two of our favorite food trends with their delicious Vanilla Bean Cheddar Cheese.